The Sims 5 Is Already Being Pirated

The Sims 5 Is Already Being Pirated
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Joseph Kime


3rd Nov 2022 09:51

The Sims has undergone a lot of change recently. After many years of being the go-to life simulator title, EA announced that The Sims 4 would be going free-to-play. It makes perfect sense, because, at the end of the day, sales of the game aren't what's making the series popular. It's the expansion packs. Those damn expansion packs.

It has been a big change to coincide with the fact that a brand-new Sims game is officially in development, and fans have incredibly high expectations for the title - but they're going to have to hold out to find out what's in store. Or at least, that would be the case if it wasn't for the fact that The Sims 5 has already been cracked. Whoops.

How Is The Sims 5 Being Pirated?

The Sims 5 Is Already Being Pirated
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According to anonymous sources reporting to Insider Gaming, it looks as though the new title in the Sims series has already been breached.

The game entered playtesting last week, and ever since, hackers have been able to create replicas of the digitally generated tokens that allow playtesters to access the current build of The Sims 5.

Supposedly it was a pretty easy crack, with hackers showing off footage from their gameplay being accessed from peer-to-peer servers that completely bypass the need to contact EA servers and be connected to the internet. The Sims 5 is reportedly running in Unreal Engine and is unencrypted, making it all the easier to break into. 

What Do We Know About The Sims 5?

Beyond these leaks that have apparently been incredibly easy to crack, there's actually very little that we know about the upcoming title. The game's playtest seems to indicate that the build of the game is in some kind of presentable state, but all we know about The Sims 5 beyond that is that it exists.

The next entry in the long-running series was revealed in the Behind The Sims Summit stream and is in the works under the codename Project Rene. There's no denying The Sims 5 is long-awaited, so it's probably good news for the nosiest of The Sims' fans, as this indicates that it might not be long before the general public can get their hands on leaks too.

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