The Division 2 Slammed For 'Tone-Deaf' Game Mode

The Division 2 Slammed For 'Tone-Deaf' Game Mode

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Tom Chapman


4th Apr 2022 17:00

It's another bit of bad luck for Ubisoft, as the publisher once again finds itself grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons. If allegations of a toxic workplace and lack of change weren't enough, how about the awkward timing of The Division 2's latest update mirroring real-life events?

Although The Division 2 made plenty of noise when it first launched in 2019, it's slipped into the background of the shooter scene and largely been forgotten by most. Although it looked like things were winding down, Ubisoft has delivered a surprise update that comes with a new mode. Before you cheer though, there are sure to be some awkward glances going around the Ubisoft press room right now.

What Is The Division 2's New Mode?

The threat of war is very real right now, and with Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, we've seen the gaming world rally behind the latter. There have already been some uncomfortable conversations about Fortnite's war-themed season, but Epic Games has largely made up for this with a massive donation to humanitarian aid. More than just adding a war theme to its latest update, The Division 2 has gone and mirrored real-life events.

When rolling out its Year 4 content map, The Division 2 announced a new mode called Countdown. Here, you work together in teams of eight to take back control of a nuclear power plant. Given that Russian forces have taken over Ukrainian nuclear power stations, including the infamous Chernobyl, the timing couldn't be worse.

It was only a matter of days ago that Russian forces finally left the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant after seizing it on February 24. With The Division 2 echoing the real-life horrors of war, it might explain why Ubisoft hasn't made the usual fanfare about its latest update. Speaking to Kotaku, a Ubisoft spokesperson said: "The new mode, titled Countdown, in The Division 2 had been in development since early 2021. Similar to the base game, the mode is a work of fiction and is unintentional to today’s current events."


What Have Fans Said About The Division 2's New Mode?

Safe to say, the timing hasn't gone unnoticed. One irate fan wrote: "Really Ubisoft? You couldn’t just shelf it for a while? Might make a buck or two and decided that’s worth ignoring the real world genocide that’s being conducted? #F**kUbisoft." Another added, "Would you expect anything less from tone deaf Ubisoft, when they've already shown they're fine with harassment and toxicity in the workplace? Does anyone there give a sh*t about anything other than appeasing their shareholders?"

Others weren't as convinced though, branding the comparisons as a reach. It seems Ubisoft is playing dumb, remember that a March 30 community update said that "in light of current world events," it wasn't going to share any updates. Countdown is currently on the public test server, however, the publisher hasn't revealed when it will be going live for the rest of us. Either way, talk about failing to read the room.


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