Riot Games have removed TF Blade from the League Partner Program after accusations he was verbally violent in voice chat.

11:58, 30 Jul 2020

Team Liquid's popular League of Legends streamer Ashkan 'TF Blade' Homayouni has been removed from the League Partners Program, following accusations that he was verbally abusive whilst in a Korean solo queue. 

Ashkan was removed from the LPP back in March, and has been on probation since, which was set to end on August 1. During a live stream yesterday the streamer shared an email which he received from Riot Games explaining that he did not make 'the necessary improvements' to be reinstated in the LPP until at least 2021.

The League Partner Program allows players to get access to rare skins, early developer access, chances to be the first to co-reveal upcoming content, invitations to Riot-sponsored events, and giveaways for the streamers' audience.

In his stream, TF Blade expressed his confusion over the prolonged removal, claiming that Riot have no proof of him not improving his attitude and toxicity since the removal was first enforced.

"The thing is that they can't just come accusing me of being this guy who hasn't been his attitude and toxic[ity], they haven't even said why I have been banned" states TF Blade.


The removal comes after he was found to have raged at a teammate whilst in a solo queue on his way to becoming the number one ranked player in Korea. Whilst the clip/voice over has never been released, it's reported to have been in regards to a teammate jungle who faulted in a game meaning the streamer was cut down in his laning phase. Across his social media platforms, TF Blade has confirmed that such an event did happen, although he believes his words were not ban-worthy and focused on the player's decision making rather than the user himself.

This news comes just a week after another Team Liquid streamer was removed from the program in IWillDominate.

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Image via TF Blade | Twitter

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