TenZ Reveals Reasons Why Fade Will Replace Sova As Most-Picked VALORANT Initiator

TenZ Reveals Reasons Why Fade Will Replace Sova As Most-Picked VALORANT Initiator
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Jack Marsh


28th Apr 2022 11:16

Fade has already made huge waves with her arrival into VALORANT, having filled the void of a well-needed initiator to rival the always-picked recon-heavy Sova. The troublesome Turk has arrived with her devilish ability kit, and she's struck a love-hate relationship with the player base already.


On the one hand, players are loving a new initiator that has a hauntingly beautiful kit that is super-effective in-game, whilst those not lucky enough to insta-lock the agent are hating playing against Fade.

However, top-tier players such as Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom and Tyson "TenZ" Ngo have identified that Fade will quickly become crucial to any team, replacing Sova as the most-picked initiator. 

TenZ Explains Why Fade Is So Overpowered

Having previously admitted that Sova is arguably the best agent in VALORANT, following nerfs to Jett, TenZ has instantly been sold by Fade, whose kit is a mix of Breach, Skye, and Sova. 

The first ability, Haunt, works in a similar way to a Sova Recon Bolt, allowing information to be received on opponents' whereabouts through walls. Unlike the Bolt though, Fade's Haunt also has a "marked" debuff, which also shows the direction in which the opponent has moved, once the original recon ends. Having already been in awe of this ability, branding it typically "so cool", it was Fade's Seize ability which TenZ was blown away by.


Often a player to find savvy combinations to destroy opponents, TenZ identified that Seize - an ability that decays and entraps enemies - can be combined with other agents' abilities, such as Raze's Paint Shell grenades and KAY/O's FRAG/MENT.

The Sentinels professional player took to a recent YouTube upload to say, "Let's say someone is stuck inside the tube of Bind’s B site and you have a Raze as a teammate. Just throw her Seize ability and have Raze throw her Paint Shells grenade with it. They can’t leave the tube no matter what."

The Sentinels roster has recently been criticised for their lack of team cohesion, as TenZ's individual performances has statistically determined their success, or failures. However, after making a recent roster move, picking up TenZ's friend Eric "Kanepki" Xu instead of Jay "Sinatraa" Won, Sentinels may now look to take full advantage of Fade to reinvent themselves.

Whilst TenZ will likely stick to duelists such as Jett and Chamber, he'll likely be passing info to his new offensive ally on the Sentinels roster to cause havoc in the upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2.


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