Tears of the Kingdom’s Purah obsession has gone wild

Tears of the Kingdom’s Purah obsession has gone wild
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Tom Chapman


24th May 2023 15:34

While the usually family-friendly manta of Nintendo's games might not make it the most likely place to find randy players, you horndogs always seem to find a way. Now, it's The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that's sending pulses racing with the addition of Purah.

The long-running Zelda series has indeed had some serious baddies, with the likes of Princess Ruto, Urbosa, and Zelda herself leaving a sea of broken heart containers in their wake. We recently covered how you were thirsting over 'sexy' Ganon, but now, horny gamers have put their sights on Purah. 

Zelda players won't stop thirsting over Purah

Although Purah might not seem like all that, thanks to her bundling introduction and goofy glasses, the love of Lookout Landing has become a viral sensation. Remember when everyone was obsessed with the towering Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village? Well, the vile vamp has nothing on Purah.

The Twitterverse is full with some *erm* questionable artwork that goes from simply fawning over Purah to making her look like a hot tub streamer from Twitch. Most of it's harmless, although there's some pretty racy fan fiction out there. 

One Purah pawn wrote, "Good morning to PURAH and PURAH only," while another added, "Guys I wanna date the Purah Tears of the kingdom and idk why..." A third gushed, "They did not need to make mommy Purah such a baddie." 

Even though it's largely a bit a fun, we warn you to be careful where you tread on Twitter in case you come across some more risque Purah artwork. Someone on Reddit went as far as building some brilliant contraption to recreate Aladdin and take Purah on a romantic date. 

You fools, we've seen Zelda before

Of course, true Hylians will know this isn't Purah's first appearance, making her sudden uptick in popularity even more confusing. She had a smaller role in Breath of the Wild and was basically a kid (thanks to a botched de-aging experiment), so it explains why no one was crushing on her back then.

However, others have pointed out that an older Purah appeared in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and looked similar to how she does now. Someone raged, "Fake ass Zelda fans ong. Where were yall when Purah was in Age of Calamity???? I mean tbf Impa was right there, and no one f*****g played this game apparently, so it makes sense." 

It proves that literally no one played the 2020 hack-and-slash spin-off. With Zelda and Link not officially a thing, Purah could easily slip into the Hero of Time's life. Even as we try to restore Hyrule to order, some have been struck by Cupid's arrow, and sorry Princess Zelda, but it's not for you. 

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