Resident Evil Fans Think Gwendoline Christie Is The Perfect Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Fans Think Gwendoline Christie Is The Perfect Lady Dimitrescu
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Tom Chapman


6th Dec 2022 15:30

To quote Game of Thrones' Tormund Giantsbane, "The big woman still here?" While the future of the Resident Evil franchise is unclear in live-action, fans think they've already found their Lady Dimitrescu.

For those who don't know, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu became the poster girl for 2021's Resident Evil Village. Despite only appearing in a small segment of the survival horror, her viral popularity was something Capcom seemingly couldn't have prepared for.

Could Gwendoline Christie Play Lady Dimitrescu?

Now, TV fans are calling for Game of Thrones and Wednesday star Gwendoline Christie to trample us all as Lady D in a mythical adaptation of Village - expanding the Resident Evil universe.

Following Christie's role as Principal Larissa Weems in Netflix's Wednesday, there have been multiple calls for her to play a live-action Lady D. When Twitter user @lesbianharkness tweeted the idea, the comments section soon exploded.

Cheering for the 6ft 3in actor to play Dimitrescu, one fan said, "Literally, it's a match made in heaven." Another added, "The entire time I saw her on Wednesday I imagined her playing Lady D. I. Glad I'm not the only one. My tall queen!"

A third simply said, "Shut up and take my lei!" Someone else championed Thrones co-star Kristofer Hivju as Karl Heisenberg. Ironically, this isn't the first time Christie's name has been floated, with fan art previously casting her as Lady D. 

What's Next For Resident Evil?

Sadly, our hopes of a Resident Evil renaissance on the small or silver screen took two major blows recently. Despite Johannes Roberts saying he'd love to adapt Resident Evil 4, 2021's Welcome to Raccoon City was a commercial and critical flop.

The showrunner of Netflix's Resident Evil series directly said he'd want to bring Lady Dimitrescu into the story, but that was cancelled after just one season in 2022. For now, it looks like we're back to the start - with the looming possibility of another franchise reboot. 

If we're going to follow the events of the games chronologically, any chance of seeing Lady D is a looooong way off. Even if it's just for a fan film though, we need to see Christie as the towering temptress. Please, someone, make it happen. 

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