Tears of the Kingdom datamine teases sexy Ganondorf amiibo

Tears of the Kingdom datamine teases sexy Ganondorf amiibo
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6th Jun 2023 15:50

Amiibos never really took off, did they? A bit like Activision's Skylanders, the idea of taking plastic toys and "porting" them into games as collectables failed to reach its potential - maybe because it all feels a bit infantile. Still, Nintendo is keen to keep flogging amiibos. 

While The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom continues to use amiibo capabilities (with mixed results), a new datamine suggests Link's latest journey could be about to add two new amiibos to the mix. From Purah the baddie to the horse-liked Rauru, there are plenty of options, however, everyone wants sexy Ganondorf.

Zelda leak teases new amiibos

When Tears of the Kingdom announced its Collector's Edition, we also got to see a new Link amiibo - featuring his blue arm. There's been no confirmation about other amiibos joining the ever-growing Zelda family, but according to YouTuber Lootward, there are two paraglider fabrics associated with a pair of unreleased amiibos.

If you don't know, most paraglider fabrics can be obtained by side quests and taking them to be dyed by Sayge in Hateno Village. Others are annoyingly locked behind specific amiibos. It's not much of a big deal, but for Zelda completionists, they'll likely want the lot. 

There's no word on what these new amiibos could be, but we've got some ideas. As reported by Eurogamer, the fabrics are apparently called Princess Zelda and Gerudo King, linked to amiibo IDs 1049 and 1050. As the new Tears Link amiibo is ID 1048, many think we're getting new Zelda and Ganondorf amiibos.

Give us sexy Ganondorf, you cowards

Much like how Lady Dimitrescu became an unwilling sex icon following Resident Evil Village, Nintendo would be wise to release a sexy Ganondorf amiibo. Originally dubbed "rehydrated Ganondorf," this buff version of the franchise's big bad became an internet sensation.

Speaking to The Verge, Game Director Hidemaro Fujibayashi credited 'sexy' Ganondorf to long-term designer Satoru Takizawa - who has a "special place" in his heart for Ganondorf and had been in charge of his designs since Twilight Princess

"Because this staff's a veteran to the franchise, he’s able to really think about the needs and the ones of the entire team. There's a part of this person that really kind of sealed away the love they have for Ganondorf in the designs that they’ve done in the past," says Fujibayashi.

"But when I made this request to really make Ganon the way he is — because the spotlight is on him this time around, and he really is a crucial, integral character — I vividly remember the sparkle in this person's eyes as they heard this."

We've previously had a Smash Bros. Ganondorf, but we say it's about time he got an upgrade - especially with all the hype surrounding his beefed-up appearance. Sorry Sidon fans, it looks like those horny on main Zelda players will have to wait to thirst over an amiibo for you. 

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