SypherPK Slams And Exposes Fortnite Stream Sniper

SypherPK Slams And Exposes Fortnite Stream Sniper

Written by 

Jack Marsh


22nd Mar 2021 12:36

Ali "SypherPK" Hassan is one of Fortnite's nicest streamers. Whilst some content creators rely on hype and aggression, SypherPK lets his skills do the talking and is mostly upbeat. 

However, one thing that really gets on even the friendliest of streamers' backs is stream sniping, especially when trying to focus down on competitive game modes. 

For SypherPK, one stream sniping YouTuber really aggravated him, causing an eruption of emotion while live on Twitch. 

Whilst playing Arena of Fortnite, SypherPK eliminated a prolific stream sniper which was pointed out to him by a viewer. Going back into the replay files, Sypher watched 'IgnitedFlames' dancing in a box whilst scanning Syphers every move before a 1v1 broke out. With Sypher victorious despite the disadvantage, the attempt poked a reaction from Hassan.

He started by saying: “The entire YouTube channel is just stream sniping people. This guy runs into a YouTuber every single match," before launching an attack at Ignited Flames. He continued to say "He’s using their POVs because he’s not f**king recording because he’s a f**king failed YouTuber.”

Sypher continued by threatening the YouTuber with copyright laws should any footage of SypherPK worm onto his channel. Hassan said "Hey buddy, you use my POV, you’re getting copyright-striked,

"You better have your POV of me s******g on you because if you use my POV, that’s a problem. We’re going to have a problem. You’re going to be gone,

“Now, if you want to keep your YouTube channel, don’t use my footage without consent. I don’t give you consent.”

Stream sniping is a serious bug bare within the Fortnite and other battle royale communities, leaving content creators having to battle through waves of players that are hunting them down by having their stream open on another screen.

Seen as cheating and ethically wrong, SypherPK seems to be taking the fight against the snipers into his own hands.


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Image via SypherPK | Epic Games

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