Activision-Blizzard boss reveals next Nintendo console to have power of PS4

Activision-Blizzard boss reveals next Nintendo console to have power of PS4
Image courtesy of Nintendo/Activision

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Lloyd Coombes


28th Jun 2023 18:55

All of gaming's biggest secrets are being let loose as part of the ongoing Federal Trade Commission vs Microsoft hearing, as the process continues to decide the fate of Activision-Blizzard.

And, while the battle lines have been drawn between Xbox and PlayStation for the most part, it appears Nintendo may have caught a stray here as talk of its next console has surfaced.

Nintendo's next console will offer similar power to PS4 and Xbox One

As part of Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick's answers to questions at the hearing, he revealed that the lack of Call of Duty on Nintendo's Switch system was "a bad decision" on his part, noting that he wasn't convinced by the handheld hybrid's prototypes (thanks, CharlieIntel).

"When I had seen the prototype of the Switch, it was different than when I saw the prototype of the Wii," Kotick said (thanks, VGC).

"I thought it was the most extraordinary video game system ever created.”

Still, looking ahead (and with the blockbuster shooter franchise expected to come to the system at some point in the future, Kotick revealed that Activision has spoken to Nintendo about the ambitions of their next console.

What is surprising, however, is that the Nintendo Switch's successor is reportedly closer to the PS4 and Xbox One's level of console performance.

That puts it half a generation behind, and while Nintendo isn't generally on the bleeding edge of technology, it's still a little surprising - although seemingly would likely allow for Call of Duty games to run natively.

This follows shortly after Jim Ryan labelled Game Pass as "destructive", but the real bombshell was Sony boss Jim Ryan's email admission that Call of Duty being exclusive to Xbox isn't one of the company's biggest concerns with the deal.

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