Stray Mods Let You Play As A Dog And Customise Cats

Stray Mods Let You Play As A Dog And Customise Cats
BlueTwelve Studio | NexusMods

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Tom Chapman


25th Jul 2022 10:24

Feeling like the cat that god the cream, BlueTwelve Studio's Stray is all anyone is talking about right now. We always knew the adorable adventure of a cat navigating a Cyberpunk-inspired world devoid of humans was going to be popular, but did anyone expect it to do this well? 

If video games have taught us anything, it's that four legs are better than one. Yes, playing as Kratos or Mario is all well and good, but we all know it's the likes of Fallout 4's Dogmeat or Hades' Cerberus that are really stealing the show. As modders have got hold of the game, we've now got the "purrfect" addition to Stray thanks to playable dogs. 

How Can You Play As A Dog In Stray?

Happy Puppy Stray Mod
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Nexus Mods

Over on Nexus Mods, the Happy Puppy mod swaps out the titular tabby for a French bulldog. Chances are, you're either a dog or a cat person, meaning Stray only letting you play as a cat might've alienated some. Worry no more, as the Happy Puppy mod puts a crafty canine in that kitty's shoes.

The mod's description simply says "Playing as a cute happy puppy! =))" and does exactly what it says on the tin. We'll admit that we're a bit disappointed there's only a French bulldog option instead of a whole pound of dogs, but we guess others will soon follow suit. The size of the cat means you probably won't be able to play as a labrador (unless in puppy form), but the likes of dachshunds and pugs are likely candidates. 

Over on Nexus Mods, there's a smorgasbord of Stray mods, with fans already replacing the typically ginger lead for a variety of different cats. As well as a Salem from a Sabrina-inspired black cat, there's a slinky Siamese and more, meaning the world is your furry oyster. Of course, we haven't stopped at just your normal mods.


Are There More Stray Mods?

As with any PC release these days, it doesn't take long for modders to have their wicked way with a developer's carefully crafted work. We've previously covered how modders "ruined" Elden Ring by adding everyone from Homer Simpson to Elmo from Sesame Street. It's also become the norm to mod CJ from GTA: San Andreas into anything and everything - as we see in Stray.

Again on Nexus Mods, modder Sirgalahad172 explained how they added CJ to Stray to give us this nightmarish vision that looks like something from Silent Hill. "This mod is intended as a joke as cj needs to be modded in any game that exists XD", says the description. We've also seen the cat swapped for a cumbersome horse, and we can't wait to see what's next. How much longer until someone mods the cat into Thomas the Tank Engine? We wait with bated breath.

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