'Cats Watching Stray' Is The Best Account On Twitter

'Cats Watching Stray' Is The Best Account On Twitter
Images: BlueTwelve

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Joseph Kime


21st Jul 2022 12:18

Stray has already been sweeping the internet, and for damn good reason.

Aside from the game being a seriously impressive debut from BlueTwelve that is incredibly well developed, and is gorgeous down to the pixels, it's a game where you play as a cat. And it has a dedicated meow button. And you can stop in your adventure to scratch rugs and drink out of puddles. We shouldn't have to sell you on Stray any further.

Yet, as fans fall more and more in love with the titular Stray, they're pretty much doing all of the promotion for the game on Annapurna's behalf sharing their clips from the game. And as it turns out, it's not just humans who are loving the game.

New Twitter Account Is Dedicated To Cats Watching Stray

Someone has taken it upon themselves to do an indispensable service for the internet, and has started a new Twitter account dedicated solely to showing off videos of players' own furry friends becoming utterly transfixed by Stray.

It's honestly no surprise that the adventurous cat in the game would turn the heads of cats in the real world, as the game's curiosity probably appeals directly to them and their genetic hardwiring. Also, because there's a cat in it.

It's a pretty realistic cat too, as its animations were based directly on the cats in the BlueTwelve offices, so it's not exactly shocking that real cats might see themselves in the stray's position. Though, knowing cats, they probably wouldn't be so keen to wear a backpack.

Watching Cats Watch Stray Is What The Internet Was Made For

What was the internet for in the first place if not videos of cats being entranced by other cats going on big adventures? Wait. It's probably worth not answering that.

Even so, it's adorable to see people's furry companions so compelled by the cyberpunk adventure. Now all we need to do is get one of them to take the controller and explore for themselves. Then we'll have completed the internet.

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