Steam Deck OLED revealed, but Valve says ‘Steam Deck 2’ still coming

Steam Deck OLED revealed, but Valve says ‘Steam Deck 2’ still coming
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Joseph Kime


10th Nov 2023 09:36

It takes some serious chops to try to break the handheld industry while the most impressive handheld console of all time is standing as one of the best-selling consoles of the generation, but hell, high stakes clearly haven't stopped Valve before.

The Steam Deck had some steep competition, but PC gamers flocked to the device and its incredible power to hold up the already gigantic library of Steam Games (and we all have our favourites).

As fans already look forward to the future as though the console had much to improve, Steam has shocked fans with some new hardware - though it's definitely not what they expected, even if it's following the steps of its major competitor.

Steam Deck OLED is on the way

A user playing Stardew Valley on the Steam Deck OLED.
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Well, if you needed any further proof that the Steam Deck was trying to emulate the success of the Nintendo Switch, here it is.

Valve has revealed that Steam Deck hardware is being refreshed, with a brand new OLED screen offering better colour and a brighter display. It's also packing an improved battery life, and better thermals enhanced by a larger fan, and despite the additions, it'll be 30g lighter than the original model.

The new upgrade will come with 512GB and 1TB models, as the original 64GB and 512GB versions of the consoles are phased out, leaving only the 256GB version of the LCD Steam Deck on shelves.

Steam Deck 2 is "still coming"

A user playing Hollow Knight on the Steam Deck OLED.
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It's an intriguing upgrade to the hardware - and reports from Bloomberg are insisting that they're just that, as thankfully, a full successor to the Steam Deck is still coming. Don't panic.

A new conversation with product designer Lawrence Yang from Bloomberg has revealed that a "next-generation" amplification of power in the Steam Deck family is still yet to come, even if they won't be available to us for "at least two or three years."

It's good news for Steam players, and even better for those who haven't yet picked up a Steam Deck. we'll take an upgrade any day, and this seems to be a nice new addition to the Steam Deck family until the bigger brother shows up.

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