Star Wars Eclipse Developer Clarifies Release Delay Rumours

Star Wars Eclipse Developer Clarifies Release Delay Rumours
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Joseph Kime


17th Mar 2022 14:24

Fans have been growing sceptical of Star Wars Eclipse.

It's fair, to be honest - a game set in the biggest universe in pop culture, made by a team that has grown notorious for their fairly limited playstyle doesn't seem like a surefire recipe for success.

We're perfectly willing for Quantic Dream to change our minds and come through with a Star Wars title for the ages, but with their current standing in the industry, and after allegations of David Cage's reductive attitudes of who their games are made for, it's hard to be completely riveted.

These allegations seem to have made a big impact on the company, as they're struggling to hire for the galactic title - and rumours swirled about a pushed back release date. But now, QD has responded. And pretty snarkily, too.

Quantic Dream Responds To Date Pushback Rumours

Star Wars Eclipse Developer Clarifies Release Delay Rumours
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After reports of Quantic Dream struggling to fill roles on their team for the production of Star Wars Eclipse and suggestions of a delayed development appeared, the team themselves have come forward to comment on the rumours.

In an email sent to GamesRadar, a representative of the company has stated where they stand on the progress of the game.

"Star Wars Eclipse has not been delayed because Quantic Dream never announced or promised a launch window for the title," the statement reads. "Recruiting remains active as it works on Star Wars Eclipse, third-party publishing, and unannounced projects."

The representative goes on to link the statement to an announcement that the company made, revealing that the studio hiked up its workforce by 50% in 2021 and has had "very good financial results."

So, When Can We Expect Star Wars Eclipse?

Star Wars Eclipse Developer Clarifies Release Delay Rumours
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This raises more questions than it answers, and it means that now we truly have no idea when the game will be coming. If the game isn't suffering from staff problems as we initially thought, then there's every chance we could see the game by late 2024, depending on how long the game has been in development - but then again, with estimations that with the staff problems the game would see a release in 2027, there's simply no telling.

We're just going to have to keep an eye out for more announcements from Quantic Dream, and though the trailer was intriguing, it may not be worth holding out hope for a release date anytime soon.


Star Wars Eclipse may be a controversial title, but fans will be there to play it regardless. It's just a shame that they may have to wait up to 6 years for it.


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