Sony Won't Comment On PS5 Price Hike

Sony Won't Comment On PS5 Price Hike
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1st Aug 2022 13:34

Right now, the price of everything is going up. We might be experiencing a cost of living crisis here on UK shores, but it's clearly not exclusive to us, as Sony has recently cranked up the price of some of its electronics in Japan - flogging headphones, speakers, and Blu-Ray players at an increased price.

This might seem daily normal - especially as the price of practically everything is on the rise - but it's got a lot of people concerned that PlayStation products over on our shores could follow suit. And, sadly, Sony hasn't done an awful lot to comfort us.

Is Sony Charging More For The PS5?

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In a recent quarterly earnings call, Sony was quizzed on the potential of a price increase for the PlayStation 5 console, and the team wasn't exactly keen to give a straight answer.

Asked in the call (translated by VGC) if Sony was considering increasing the RRP of the console as a result of market pressures, Executive Deputy Presiden and Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki said the following: "About a potential price increase for the PS5, at this point in time there is nothing specific I can share with you about prices." Illuminating.

Though we haven't really been reassured about prices going up, the fact that we aren't being told that the console's price categorically won't go up probably isn't a great time. It's no secret that there's been a shortage of PS5s since the console released in November 2020, but does that really warrant a price hike?


Meta Quest 2 VR Has Had A $100 Price Hike

It's clear that fears of a price hike aren't mere speculation, as recently, one VR headset has had to dramatically increase its prices. The Meta Quest 2 VR headset is officially getting a huge price raise this month, with Reality Labs confirming that in America, the 128GB and 256GB models will now cost $399.99 and $499.99 respectively.

This isn't very reassuring for fans, as if a company can increase its prices so drastically on a headset that's already two years old, there's little stopping Sony from doing the same for the PS5. All we can really do is cross our fingers and hope that a hike of this size doesn't come our way - because nothing is assured. Get that PlayStation while you can.

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