Sony Boss Promises PlayStation 5 Shortage Is Over

Sony Boss Promises PlayStation 5 Shortage Is Over
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Joseph Kime


6th Jan 2023 10:01

Stock problems have plagued the current console generation, and it has served as the one most powerful roadblocks keeping players from enjoying the most recent games to the fullest.

That, and that they're extraordinarily expensive. The PlayStation 5 has suffered especially, with many fans having to go two years without - as a result of those who trawled Twitter at all times to find out which stockists had a few devices left.

It was a bit of a nightmare, but thankfully, Sony's big boss has assured fans that the stock problems are over. Rejoice.

PlayStation's Stock Problems Are Over, Says Sony

Sony Boss Promises PlayStation 5 Shortage Is Over
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Well, it took you long enough, Sony. Appearing at CES 2023, PlayStation figurehead Jim Ryan appeared to reveal news about the console, including its sales figures.

Players were more fascinated by the bold claim that Ryan made, suggesting that stock problems are over. "Everyone who wants a PS5 should have a much easier time finding one at retailers globally, starting from this point forward," he says onstage.

It's a pretty bold claim, but we'll just have to see it in practice in order to believe it. Ryan's promises are something that only customers can ultimately decide.

Still, if we're about to see the PS5 flood store shelves, then we can effectively say that he's right, and that the dark ages of poor stock are over. Thank goodness for that.

The PS5 Has Sold 30 Million Units

Even despite these problems in the world of stock, it looks as though the PS5 is still hugely successful. Ryan also revealed to the crowd that the new-gen console has sold 30 million units since its launch.

He then added that December 2022 was the PS5's best month for sales yet, selling even more than the company did in the month that the console was released.

It's some very impressive credentials (if true) and does add some kind of backbone to the claim that stock problems are over.

While we're yet to see it in order to believe it, this is exciting news. If you wanted a PlayStation 5, you might finally have the opportunity to bag it. It's about damn time.

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