Elden Ring Officially One Of The Best Games Of All Time

Elden Ring Officially One Of The Best Games Of All Time
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24th Feb 2022 10:30

Elden Ring's reviews have arrived, and blimey. It's looking good.

Our review called the game "difficult but rewarding, exhilarating and giant", but the rest of the gaming world has had its say too - and other publications aren't that far off. A lot of 10/10s are being thrown around, with the game already being dubbed a masterpiece, and seemingly a lock-in for 2022's best game of the year.

It's strange to think that this game we've waited so long for is almost here, and despite the hype train chugging at unfathomable speeds, the game still seems to be exactly what FromSoftware diehards have wanted forever.

And nothing exemplifies this better than the fact that Elden Ring is currently one of the best-reviewed games of all time.

Elden Ring Is A Critical Smash

Well, that was quick.

As of right now, Elden Ring has had one of the best critical receptions in video game history and is currently the highest-rated game ever on OpenCritic. It holds a 'Top Critic Average' of 97, a feat only matched by Super Mario Odyssey, arguably one of the best platformers ever made. Crikey.

It's not just exclusive to OpenCritic, either - MetaCritic's score is sat in exactly the same place, at 97 on PS5 and 95 on PC and Xbox Series. It's listed as their 15th highest-rated game of all time, with only 24 games sharing its score, or beating it. The site is still dominated by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, at a comfortable 99. But Elden Ring isn't all that far behind.

Is Elden Ring Truly A Video Game GOAT?

Though it's still early days, and reactions are fresh, we'll just have to wait and see if the game really lives up to expectations. Naturally, FromSoftware's games don't suit everyone with their expert difficulty and arduous menus, but it seems that for those who get on well with FromSoftware's design style, it could genuinely be an all-timer.

We'll have to wait and see how the gameplay of Dark Souls has been adapted, and if new fans will truly be able to engage with it - but either way, reviews are incredibly promising, and we're excited to see how the game turns out. This could be 2022's big one.


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