Live-Action Elden Ring Adaptation Could Be On The Way

Live-Action Elden Ring Adaptation Could Be On The Way
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16th Mar 2022 10:11

Love it or loathe it, Elden Ring doesn't look like it's going anywhere. Good news, because some of us have cheesed it past the Tree Sentinel and are still struggling to get past the Gateside Ruins. As FromSoftware's gruelling Souls-like continues to overperform, the franchise is destined to expand like the arms of Godrick the Grafted.

Since it was first announced in 2019, hype surrounding Elden Ring has continued to gallop along, with people intrigued by the concept of merging Dark Souls with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While so many modern games fall under their own hubris, Elden Ring is already being held as one of the best games of all time.

Is A Live-Action Elden Ring On The Way?

Even though most of us are nowhere near the end of saving the Lands Between, those who've managed to roll the credits (we don't know how) will be pleased to hear this isn't the end of the saga. Whether it be a sequel, board games, books, or live-action adaptations, things don't end when you put your sword through Radagon of the Golden Order. 

FromSoftware has revealed the impressive sales data of Elden Ring's launch, which has left those at the top smiling from ear to ear. Bandai Namco President and CEO Yasuo Miyakawa gushed about the game's 12 million units sold around the world and added: "In like manner, we will continue our efforts in expanding the brand beyond the game itself, and into everyone’s daily life. We will continue to create enjoyment and fulfilment through entertainment, so that we can come closer and connect to our fans around the world."

Although Miyakawa doesn't expand on how Elden Ring will "expand", there's any number of avenues to go down. We look to be entering a golden age for video game adaptations, with the likes of The Witcher, Halo, and The Last of Us taking up the small screen, while Monster HunterUncharted, and Ghost of Tsushima try to take over the box office (and in Uncharted's case, succeeded).


What Route Should Elden Ring Take?

Elden Ring Dragon
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The world of the Lands Between is suitably massive, and with George R.R. Martin having helped craft its lore, what else would you expect? We've already seen Lord of the Rings dominate our screens, with the name coming to Amazon with the epic-looking The Rings of Power. Something like Elden Ring feels too big for a movie, or even a LotR-inspired trilogy, and let's also remember Amazon is supposedly working a supersized God of War series.

We're calling it now, but it won't be long before someone like Amazon has snapped up the rights to a full-blown Elden Ring adaptation that will span multiple seasons. If that wasn't enough, it would be easy to go down The Witcher route and spin it out into umpteen prequels, spin-offs, and sequels. Now that that's settled, someone needs to get Tilda Swinton on the phone to play Melenia the Severed.


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