Someone Turned Fallout New Vegas Into Elden Ring

Someone Turned Fallout New Vegas Into Elden Ring
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Jack Marsh


28th Mar 2022 17:22

Sometimes with open-world games, it's the simple things that make a difference. It's all well and good having a seven-year-long Easter egg to sprinkle a sense of completion and closure to a genre that thrives in longevity or nestling a few species of unknown creatures in the darkest crevices of the universe only to be found a decade after release, but when it comes to it, some of the finer details in the here-and-now iterations of the game are the reason we return in seven years to complete that lengthy quest.

As with Elden Ring, many of its mysteries will take years to unfold. It's undoubted that we'll be unearthing secret weapons and missions for years to come, but FromSoftware is already winning over the hearts of fans with simple, yet effective, additions such as allowing players to leave messages for others to discover.

Now, modders of other titles have drawn inspiration from the new hit title, and have looked to replicate the messaging system in Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout Modder Add Elden Ring Message System For Player Interaction

It's almost like leaving a letter in a bottle for it to wash up on a shore in a generation's time, except the unknown alias' that will be scooping your messages can be playing the game at the exact same time. The system in Elden Ring works by allowing players to leave scribes for other users to find in the online world, often giving words of advice, cheeky jokes, or directions to a priceless bounty.

Having enjoyed success in Elden Ring, a mod named "Building Bridges" has been made for Fallout: New Vegas, allowing players to leave messages for other users. 


How Does The Messaging Mod In Fallout Work?

Having been uploaded to NexusMods earlier this week by "Tomminfinite", the add-on leaves scope for players to drop small shreds of paper in the game, which contain a short quip with up to 115 characters - you Twitter moguls will likely be adept in squeezing your words into such a quantity. 

Much like Elden Ring, players can then 'rate' your message, and with more success and popularity comes more opportunities to leave other messages. The more ratings you get, you can level up your messaging skills, until you hit level 12, where you can place 31 scripts.

The mod does come with rules too, to stop any unnecessary trolls from running riot. 

  • IRL politics in any way or form. This is not a platform for that
  • Offending people
  • Racism
  • Posting your or someone else’s personal information
  • Offensive content

Any player who breaks the rules will be banned from uploading further messages and interacting with thousands of other players in a never-before-seen mod.

So, if you find yourself being the beholder of invaluable information and want to spread the world, or simply fancy yourself as quite the comedian in Fallout, the Building Bridges mod might be just what you need to spice up life, rather than wait a decade for a new breed of spider...


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