Smash Bros. Director Claims The Franchise Is 'Done'

Smash Bros. Director Claims The Franchise Is 'Done'

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Tom Chapman


9th Dec 2021 11:37

Mario had a good run, but sadly, it sounds increasingly like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could be the last in the brutal brawler's acclaimed history. Although the writing was already on the wall, things aren't looking good for a sixth Smash Bros. game.

Originally hitting the Nintendo 64 back in 1999, the OG Super Smash Bros. stepped into the ring with just eight fighters (adding four as unlockable). Since then, Smash has become a staple of Nintendo consoles alongside mainline Mario, Mario Kart, and Mario Party games. Sadly, there could be Smash-free future on the horizon.

What Has The Smash Bros. Director Said About Another Game?

It was no secret that the addition of Kingdom Hearts' Sora was the last addition to Ultimate's impressive Fighters Pass. The idea that things are coming to an end was further compounded by confirmation of a final fighter adjustment through the game's 13.01.1 update.

Now, Game Director Masahiro Sakurai has twisted the knife by claiming he could be done with the series. Speaking to IGN, Sakurai was asked if he'd make another game before returning to Smash. The man behind the madness said, "When you say 'returning to the series', it makes it sound like there is going to be another Super Smash Bros. title.

"But currently, there are no such plans. It would be best not to assume that there will always be another one." By the sounds of it, Sakurai is in no rush to K.O. the competition anytime soon. With Ultimate coming out in 2018, there could be a major gap between Smash entries.

"Apart from that, I may not necessarily continue with creating more games, as I could potentially go down a different path. As for involvement with the gaming industry, there are various ways to do that. I like to keep an open mind about what I should do and take a look at all the different possibilities."

What's Next For Smash Bros.?

Sakurai said that even if there is an Ultimate sequel, it's unlikely we'd keep the current roster of fighters. Then again, with 89 characters in the bank, it is in danger of feeling a little bloated. He added, "At the very least, I don't think it would head in a direction where all of the current fighters are kept and the roster continues to expand.

"I presume that running such a game on a hypothetical new system alone would exceed the game’s budget. However, if we try to keep things fresh by shifting to a different genre or greatly changing the direction, then it's no longer a Super Smash Bros. game. I can't deny that making this title so expansive has made it a tough act to follow."

Thankfully, Sakurai did give us a small glimmer of hope. Not fully tossing Smash on the rubbish heap just yet, he concluded, "I can’t really think about future prospects at the moment.

"If Nintendo decides they want to make another one and offers me the job, that’s when I’d start thinking about it."

It makes sense that Sakurai wants to take a bit of a break for a while, but could this be forever? Although it's tough to really imagine a Nintendo future without Smash Bros., it's a prospect that's looming large right now.


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