Far Cry player recreates Shipment and Skyrim for coolest crossover of 2024

Far Cry player recreates Shipment and Skyrim for coolest crossover of 2024
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11th Jan 2024 11:43

"Hey, you, you're finally awa---aah holy sh*t get down!!"

It's not the start to life in Tamriel that you usually get, normally there's at least a few minutes before the first dragon flies over your head in Helgen, but that's what we're getting.

Thanks to one player, Skyrim's peaceful and tranquil Nordic bards will be singing the spoils of war like they've never sung before, as a Far Cry player has brought together three titles to live on Shipment.

Far Cry 5 player creates Skyrim Shipment

Shipment, known as the fan-favourite Call of Duty map which has recently overtaken the likes of Nuketown and Rust in terms of popularity (despite pushback that its nature has ruined CoD), has been remade more times than fans can count.

Having been remade for Warzone, twice, and featured in six core titles, the iconic map has also been recreated in Fortnite by Creative players, and now Far Cry 5.

Reddit user "mojoswoptops" took to the platform to show off their design, claiming that they have combined the layout with features of Skyrim, all within Far Cry for a medley of mayhem.

The map adaption uses crashed farm carts as head glitches, replacing CoD's barrels, and also has the iconic layout with perpendicular lanes through the centre of a square. 

Gamers are loving the fan-made Far Cry, Skyrim, and Call of Duty crossover


To nobody's surprise, this project was instantly lapped up by fans of all three franchises, as Redditors applauded the creativity.

"This is an inception of a map from a game, in a different gameā€¦ with a theme from another game, looks great man," said one supporter.

Another added, "Great man[,] the amount of hard work [you] put in this is amazing. Salute."

One final fan also joked about bringing together the three prongs of game developers, Activision, Bethesda, and Ubisoft.

"Nice! You sourced from & brought together the 'unholy trinity' of the game devs," joked a final gamer.

It's not the first time Skyrim has been warped with Call of Duty either, as one fan previously brought guns to a sword fight.

Maybe it's time for a real crossover...

But don't shoot the damn chickens! 

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