Sifu Developer Reveals Whether Multiplayer Is On The Way

Sifu Developer Reveals Whether Multiplayer Is On The Way
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Joseph Kime


9th Feb 2022 10:01

Sifu has just launched, and it has provided a brand new point of contention in the world of gaming.

Though the game has been accused of utilising points of reference in Asian culture simply as 'cultural tourism', and the game's difficulty is bringing the dreaded game difficulty discourse back once again, the title is incredibly polished and does all that it sets out to do - albeit with a few more deaths than one might expect.

The game has been a long time coming, and for those who have long anticipated the game's arrival, its launch has been rocky, but still welcomed all the same.

But already, it seems that developers Sloclap have plans for the game's post-launch content.

Sifu Reveals Plans For Post-Launch Content

Sifu Developer Reveals Whether Multiplayer Is On The Way
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Sifu team Sloclap has come forward to reveal that the kung-fu mastery isn't over just yet, as the game is set to get some post-launch content. However, apologies to you multiplayer fans - it doesn't look like it's giving you the chance to batter your pals.

"Sifu will remain single-player only," said Sloclap's marketing manager Felix Garczynski in an interview with Gaming Bolt. "We are an independent studio with limited means, and we wanted the team to focus on creating an immersive and distinctive single-player experience. We do have additional content planned for post-launch though!"

There aren't many details on what exactly will be coming in this extra content, but one thing's for sure - Sloclap isn't going to be charging you for it.

Sifu's DLC Will Be Free

Sifu Developer Reveals Whether Multiplayer Is On The Way
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Though multiplayer might not be on the way, we at least know for certain that the game's post-launch content will arrive at no extra cost. As announced on the PlayStation blog, Sifu's post-launch content will be completely free.

"We wanted you to know that part of the team behind Sifu is already at work on post-launch content. We have exciting plans for free content updates that we will soon be able to tell you more about!" reads the end of a teaser blog post.

This is great news for fans, and it means that the game is likely to last us even longer. Sifu is already being recognised as one of the best indies of 2022 so far, and it looks like fans of the game have even more to look forward to.