Sifu Mod Turns The Game Into The Matrix

Sifu Mod Turns The Game Into The Matrix
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15th Mar 2022 13:34

It didn't take long for modders to take hold of Sifu.

The brutal kung-fu fighting title has swept PC players and already made itself prime for modding, with players injecting their own favourite characters into it. From Shaggy to Spider-Man, players are going nuts playing with in-game models. Hell, anything to distract them from the game's lethal difficulty.

But now, players have taken over the game to turn it into an all-new The Matrix game.

The Matrix Mod Pack Has Come To Sifu

A multitude of mods for Sifu inspired by the Matrix series of films have been released, all coming together to make an incredible pack of mods that create what might as well be a full Matrix game.

A video that shows off each of the game's The Matrix mods includes a mod that turns its protagonist into Keanu Reeves' Neo, one that transforms each of the game's enemies into an Agent Smith and applies a green tint to the game much like the films, and a mod that reimagines the game's sound design to reflect the film series.

The video is flashy and slick, and frankly, it genuinely looks like it could be an official The Matrix game.

How Do I Install The Matrix Sifu Mods?

Sifu Mod Turns The Game Into The Matrix
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If you want to take the red pill with these fancy mods yourself, you're first going to have to download each of them from NexusMods. Once you've got them, you have to unzip and replace the Sifu folder in the game's main directory in your files with the versions the mod downloads offer, and you're done. You're now playing the best Matrix game that never was.


The mods are brilliant and are telling of the endless creativity of video game modding communities. If you've been craving another opportunity to enter the Matrix, this could well be it.


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