Sifu Stats Reveal Just How Hard The Game Really Is

Sifu Stats Reveal Just How Hard The Game Really Is
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14th Feb 2022 12:51

Here we go again, it's the ongoing debate about whether Sloclap's Sifu is too hard. Not even a spoiler, but yes, yes it is. If you've picked up a copy of Sifu, we imagine you've already polished off the story or karate chopped it out the window. Unfortunately, it sounds like most of you fall into the latter camp. 

We'll admit that Sifu has a pretty impressive hook, playing as a vengeful fighter who has to kill off five villainous bosses in true Kill Bill style. Every time you die, you get another chance, but with your age counter going up, you'll find yourself trying to best these whippersnappers with a white beard before long. 

Where Are Sifu Players Getting Stuck?

Sean the Fighter Sifu
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The facts speak for themselves, with Sifu's trophy achievements showing exactly where most of you are getting stuck. If you've got this far, chances are the name Sean the Fighter will send shivers down your spine. Level 2, aka The Club, is a gruelling ordeal, and it seems we aren't alone in thinking this. 

As recorded by PSN Profiles, 82.4% of players have managed to beat Fajar at the end of The Squats. This takes a massive tumble to just 33.5% taking out Sean in the second level. As expected, the trophies continue to dwindle over the next few bosses, with only 6.4% enacting revenge on Yang as the final boss. Taking all of the above into account, is it any wonder just 1% of players have managed to platinum Sifu?

One of the biggest problems is that the first level is almost too easy, while the third and fourth have keycard shortcuts that let you jump straight to the boss. Although The Club has some tricks to skip through areas, there's no way to take on Sean from the off.

Will Sifu Get Any Easier?

The problem of Sifu's difficulty is arguably outshining the game itself, and just a week after release, Sloclap has promised to address these complaints. During a recent Twitch stream, blind gamer Steve Saylor chatted with Sloclap co-founder Pierre Tarno, who said more accessibility options and difficulty modes are coming. 

Metroid Dread was also criticised for being "too hard" upon release, then later rolled out an update that added different levels of difficulty. Some have already kicked off about Sifu's potential easy mode - saying it defeats the point of the game. There's no release window on when Sifu's adaptable difficulty will be on the way, but hopefully, we won't be ageing up our counter too much before then. 

If you are finding Sifu particularly difficult, it may be worth checking out our Sifu tips to help you truly master kung-fu.


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