He was not happy.

17:50, 18 Feb 2021

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek lost his cool while streaming after a sniper cheated to win high-ranked Valorant match.

The 26-year-old Canadian went on a rant after he claimed the 'good player' really didn't need to stream snipe. He said: “What a little f*****g b***h, bro. That was the most obvious bulls**t of my life.”

Throughout the match, he was targeted by said player, and killed by them repeatedly. 

He added: “I mean, I get that most times I get stream sniped, but when it’s an actual good player… Don’t get me wrong, that guy was good. That guy didn’t need to stream snipe. He was a good player, he didn't need to. But when it’s a good player that does it, it’s impossible. It feels like I don’t stand a f*****g chance.” Soon after his outburst, he ended his stream. However, he clearly wasn't done there as he took to Twitter to continue lashing out.

He wrote: "Can we get a streamer (anon) mode that doesn't let everyone in the lobby know your in STREAMER (anon) MODE. FOR ONCE. thank you that is all." Fans were quick to comment, writing supportive replies to back up the popular personality. However, one person questioned him, writing: "How would that work? They would give you an auto-generated name that would be just as easy to spot?".


Shroud replied: "you could potentially just change ur anon name whenever you want, so after every game your [sic] essentially someone else".

Lots of other fans were coming up with other solutions while shroud waits for any potential fixes from the devs. One person suggested: "Mr. Shroud, I believe you're asking the wrong thing. I think you should be asking us all use STREAMER (anon) mode, that way it anti-trolls the trolls, and a lot of people doing it would cause the company to actually notice". Which, to be fair, is a pretty good shout. 

Whatever happens, it looks like the stress of being targeted will be continuing for many people for the foreseeable future. 



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Featured image credit: YouTube/shroud/Riot Games

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