Scarlet And Violet Trailer Hid First Poison-Steel Pokemon In Plain Sight

Scarlet And Violet Trailer Hid First Poison-Steel Pokemon In Plain Sight
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Tom Chapman


5th Aug 2022 16:37

There was a lot to unpack in the recent Pokemon Presents showcase, as we finally got a better look at Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In fact, we were so busy contemplating eating Fidough and trying to remember how to write Terastralising (we're not sure why they didn't just say crystal), we might've missed the Pokemon franchise's first Poison-Steel type.

Over the past 22 years, we're toured everywhere from Kanto to Hisui, and now, we're ready for Paldea. As with any new generation of 'Mon, we're largely tuning in to see which newcomers are making their mark on our Pokedex. Although we're still yet to see what the starting trio of Fuecoco, Sprigatito, and Quaxly will evolve into, there are plenty of others emerging as fan-favourites in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Is Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Hiding The First Poison-Steel Type? 

Posting on Twitter @Riddler_Khu claims that there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it inclusion of the franchise's first Poison-Steel hybrid. In one brief moment, we see a bus-like/Cadillac vehicle. Before we can really see too much of the car, the camera cuts away. We've seen a lot of bizarre Pokemon over the years (we're looking at you Vanillish), but a car would be something new.

Although Pokemon can be used as a mode of transport in the games and anime, there's never been an actual vehicular Pokemon. Making us think that Riddler_Khu could be onto something here, remember that Scarlet and Violet Legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon are effectively flying motorbikes. Is Game Freak really leaning into the Transformers aesthetic with Gen 9? 

Before you go out living your childhood fantasy of riding the Magic School Bus for Scarlet and Violet, it's claimed that the actual car isn't the Pokemon, but the engine inside. Given that Magnemite is a giant magnet and Klefki is a literal set of keys, a Pokemon modelled on an engine isn't actually that hard to imagine. Let's also not forget that it was Riddler_Khu who first leaked the Paldean Wooper that was also showcased in the trailer.


You Should Be Excited By A Poison-Steel Pokemon

Even if the details around this mysterious 'Mon are shrouded in secrecy, we can't wait to find out more. Others think they spotted the hidden Poison-Steel Pokemon. Someone backed up Riddler's claims and said, "I felt weird when I saw the trailer where there is no driver when the truck is moving...haha, now it makes sense....there is a Pokemon moving it somewhere." Even though Riddler_Khu usually lives up to their name and gives us hints as a riddle, the fact they've straight-up revealed this one is big. 

Because Steel is the most defensive type and typically can't be poisoned, a Poison-Steel type would be an absolute beast of a creature to have on your team. Charts show that a Poison-Steel would have eight resistances, Poison immunity, and only two weaknesses. That being said, a 4 x weakness to Ground is a bit of a kicker. After all these years, it could be time to embrace a whole new type of Pokemon, and to be honest, we're Electabuzzing about it. 

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