Save $50 On The Xbox Series S With This Black Friday Deal

Save $50 On The Xbox Series S With This Black Friday Deal
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Daniel Hollis


25th Nov 2022 16:19

Xbox is often praised for having some of the best deals in gaming, which means it’s hard to imagine it ever getting better than that. But somehow, Microsoft keeps finding ways to slash the price and make its offerings more lucrative.

The Xbox Series S is perhaps one of the most affordable consoles to be conceived, offering users a chance to check out current-gen games at a low cost. But even with that low price point, there are still opportunities for it to drop even lower, and Black Friday is one of them.

Xbox Series S Black Friday Deal

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The Xbox Series S is the sister console to the much more powerful Xbox Series X - but don’t let that diminish its power. Everything that Xbox Series X can play, so can the Xbox Series S. It’s no slouch when it comes to firepower.

Want to play Gotham Knights? You certainly can. Eager to test out the dual-screen gameplay of The Medium? The Series S has you sorted. What about upcoming heavy hitters such as Hogwarts Legacy and Dead Space? Yep. All of those can be played too!

While it may not have the full power of the Xbox Series X, it will easily play anything you want it to, and with it being a digital-only console, can work at being quite compact. It’s easy to get around and perfect as an introductory console for younger games.

If you’re looking for a library of games, there’s also Xbox Game Pass to take advantage of, which delivers hundreds of games instantly to you - including all the first-party Xbox Game Studios titles. With a promising 2023 on the horizon featuring Starfield, Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and more, there’s never been a better time to jump in.

The Xbox Series S is currently $299.99 at Best Buy, marking a $50 discount for Black Friday.

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