Resident Evil Village Glitch Locks Players Out Of Their Save File

Resident Evil Village Glitch Locks Players Out Of Their Save File
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Tom Chapman


18th Oct 2022 17:11

There are plenty of villains in the Resident Evil franchise, and whether Albert Wesker, Ramon Salazar, or Lady Dimitrescu is your favourite, we doubt you thought Steam would be the ultimate villain. Cackling like Lady D herself, the popular gaming service is currently locking players out of 2021's Resident Evil Village.

While the shuffling Resident Evil series was once remembered for lows like Resident Evil 6, 2017's Resident Evil 7 gave us a new perspective as a first-person horror that scared the living daylights out of us. Even though Village wasn't quite up there in terms of franchise reinvention, it's a gothic nightmare we love to play. Well, that's unless you've got it on Steam. 

What Is The Resident Evil Village Glitch?

Even as we look ahead at the upcoming Winters Expansion that will add third-person, the much-hyped Mercenaries mode, and the Shadows of Rose DLC, there are a lot of you playing the main campaign. Also, now might be the time to experience the game for the first time if you want to see how the Winters saga ends.

An update to Resident Evil Village on PC is leaving gamers with a devastating message that says their data is "incompatible." Despite a suggestion to restart the game, you'll then be locked out of your save file. Posting on a forum post FluffyQuack claims it's likely due to a new "anti-tamper code" that has malfunctioned while looking for any in-game modifications. The result is a blanket lockdown. 

At the time of writing, Capcom has acknowledged the glitch and promised it's working on a fix. The developer writes, "We're aware of an ongoing issue with the latest patch that's causing the game to crash for some users. We're currently looking into a fix, and apologise for any inconvenience caused!" Unfortunately, that doesn't give us any idea of when.


Is There A Resident Evil 9?

Thankfully, Village glitches should be forgotten by the time the week is over. After what seems like an eternity of waiting, Capcom is holding a Resident Evil showcase on Thursday (October 20). As well as a focus on Village and Shadows of Rose, there will be some long-awaited new footage from the Resident Evil 4 remake

Beyond that, don't expect to learn anything about Resident Evil 9 just yet. We know Capcom is working on a ninth mainline entry, which will presumably focus on a new cast of characters now that Ethan and Rose's story is over. There was a recent leak that spoke about Wendigos and female bioweapons - with the title of Resident Evil Apocalypse - but we'll have to wait and see whether it's the real deal or just a nefarious fraud from a wannabe Wesker. 

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