Resident Evil Village DLC Was Originally Completely Different

Resident Evil Village DLC Was Originally Completely Different
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23rd Sep 2022 17:04

Capcom is ready to break the "mould" all over again with its upcoming Resident Evil Village DLC, and this time, the Megamycete bacterial super-organism is ready to take over our lives with Shadows of Rose. The story will (obviously) focus on Rose Winters, but as it turns out, it was nearly completely different. 

As with 2017's Resident Evil 7, we'd always guessed there was going to be a Village DLC. Sadly, unlike its predecessor having Not a Hero and End of Zoe, it looks like Shadows of Rose will be the eighth main Resident Evil game's final hurrah. More than this, we're now told Resident Evil 9 won't focus on the Winters Family. 

What Was The Orignal Plan For The Resident Evil Village DLC?

Speaking to Japanese publication Inside Games (via GamesRadar), Shadows of Rose Director Kento Kinoshita explained how the DLC's original plan was to focus on Chris Redfield. Given that Chris' legacy stretches all the way back to 1996's original - and his fan-favourite status in Village - it would've undoubtedly been a hit.

Discussing how things changed, Kinoshita said, "At the time of the project, there were some ideas that focused on Chris. But we wanted to focus on Rose." He doesn't expand any further on what these early plans involved, so we're left wondering what could've been. Given that Village's time jump ending mentioned Chris, there's every chance an even older and more grizzled version of him could appear in Shadows of Rose

In the same interview, Kinoshita was asked whether we'd get to see Ethan Winters' face in the new third-person version of Village. Confirming we wouldn't, Kinoshita added, "I worked really hard to make 'Ethan's face' invisible. Ethan, the main character of '7', is 'the player's alter ego,' so I try not to show his face as much as possible." The Resident Evil Village DLC is also adopting a third-person approach, which breaks from the up-close horror of the past two games.


What's Next For Resident Evil?

We know Resident Evil 9 is on the way, and even though Capcom isn't ready to give us any details, that hasn't stopped players from trying to unearth anything they can on the mythical ninth outing. There was a recent Resident Evil 9 leak on the notoriously sketchy 4chan. Although a lot could've just been made up for clicks, mentions of the game being called Resident Evil Apocalypse, attacks from Wendigos, and a female bioweapon all sound believable. 

Now that we know Ethan and Rose's story will be left behind with Village and the DLC, all bets are off on where we go next. Whether introducing a whole host of new characters or bringing back some old favourites, we're just hoping Capcom will bring Jill Valentine back from her franchise hiatus. As long as Chris doesn't die, we also guess he'll be popping by to blast some deados in the ace with a shotgun. 

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