Mass Effect Legendary Edition Is Officially Coming To Game Pass

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Is Officially Coming To Game Pass

Written by 

Tom Chapman


4th Jan 2022 14:17

Someone page Commander Shepard... Mass Effect Legendary Edition is officially coming to the Xbox Game Pass. Forget Amazon giving away Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, this is the best sci-fi surprise of January 2022.

When Is Mass Effect Coming To Game Pass?

According to a post from Microsoft, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be hitting the gaming service on January 6. More than just one of BioWare's beloved games, this is the Legendary Edition that released last May.

Combining the acclaimed trilogy with remastered graphics, it was rightly held as one of the best games of 2021. Game Pass has turned out a lot of AAA games recently, but as the war between Xbox and PlayStation rages, PlayStation Plus/Now is being left in the dust.

There's been a lot of buzz about Mass Effect, and with rumours of a live-action Amazon series/Henry Cavill wanting to jump aboard, Microsoft is on the money with bringing this one to the button-mashing masses.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is also on EA Play, meaning PlayStation owners aren't being completely locked out in the cold abyss of space. Still, this is another major win to kickstart a jam-packed 2022 for the Game Pass Machine... sorry, we mean Xbox Series.

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