Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans find chilling Drifloon secret

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans find chilling Drifloon secret
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21st Mar 2023 10:54

Players of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have found a new discovery hiding in plain sight, leaving many fans shocked. This secret was discovered in one of the schoolyards at night, and some have looked deeper into the meaning - found something that is very disturbing.

Released on November 18, 2022, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has you as a transfer student placed in the Paldea region's Pokemon academy treasure hunt.

You partake in three adventures; Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street. In these quests, there are many storylines and activities to do. Due to the game's open-world nature, you can do these tasks in any order you would like.

What is the chilling Drifloon secret?

Now onto the disturbing Drifloon discovery. Reddit user u/SaturnLink was walking around the school at night, when they noticed three Drifloons above a building in the yard.

Fans of the game quickly realised that the Drifloons must've been up to no good, as Drifloons are known to have a big disliking for children.

Their Pokedex entry tells the readers, "It tugs on the hands of children to steal them away" and once the Drifloon nabs the child, it takes the child to the afterlife.

One fan on Reddit said, "One of the many things that shouldn't be around kids," while another added, "The school is their hunting ground. Place has a higher child disappearance rate than Hogwarts." A third concluded, "Kidnapping most our lives, living in a Drifloon paradise."

However, if you are worried about this easter egg, don't. Luckily, the Drifloons won't be taking any children or Pokemon away, as in the game, young viewers are ensured a safe experience.

Is there a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC?

Many players were wondering, will there be a Scarlet & Violet DLC? Well, the answer is yes. In 2023 and 2024, the game will be given a new story which will be divided into two parts. The overall Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC has The Teal Mask coming in Autumn and The Indigo Disk planned for winter.

Many fans are excited about this, as with a new story comes new adventures to explore, while lots of new content will be added that'll give you the chance to meet lots more amazing and rare Pokemon. Just watch out for Drifloons. 

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