Palworld player finds Pal that looks like a certain Pokémon in game code

Palworld player finds Pal that looks like a certain Pokémon in game code
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Megan Cooke


28th Jan 2024 21:05

A recent Palworld data mine has uncovered a hidden pal which closely resembles a particular Pokemon.

Palworld has come under a lot of criticism lately for the similarities in design between many of the Pals and multiple Pokemon.

A data miner has uncovered an unreleased Pal which looks very similar to a psychic Pokemon

A data miner has uncovered an unreleased Pal which closely resembles Mega MewTwo Y.

The Pal has been codenamed ‘Unrelased Dark Mutant’, and has a Paldex entry which reads: "Some say a beam from a {characterName id=|DarkMutant|/} that has perfected its technique can tear holes into other dimensions. It's even believed that certain species of Pals were born from such phenomena."

Palworld dataminer, Brian Cozzens, told Eurogamer that he uncovered the Pal when working on an interactive online map for the game and researching for a fansite which allows players to view the Pals in 3D.

While the Pal is not in the game, it is fully developed with a character model, stats and Paldex entry, so we may be seeing it in the future.

Players have mixed opinions on the Pal’s resemblance to Mega MewTwo Y

While the discovery of the new Pal is exciting, it has been overshadowed somewhat by its resemblance to Mega MewTwo Y, which many players were quick to point out.

One Twitter user wrote: “It reminds me of the mewtwo-y dark of pokemon gba hacks.”

Another said: “In before a Palworld hero shows up to say “It’s just a psychic genetically mutated cat, it’s just an inspiration that Pokemon didn’t come up with first.”

“I think a good amount of the Palworld comparisons have been stretches but if anyone actually tries to tell me there's no way this was based on Mega Mewtwo Y I'm gonna call you the goofiest goober,“ wrote a third.

However, it seems as though not everyone thinks the resemblance is quite so uncanny.

One Twitter user wrote: “I didn't even know Mega MewTwo Y existed, but honestly, have you seen how many "villains" have that stand pose? Don't get me wrong, maybe they took inspiration but that's not a carbon copy.”

“You have to be kidding if you think Palworld is still stealing designs when Mewtwo Y wasn't even a unique design in the first place lol,” another added.

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Palworld has come under a lot of fire recently for copying designs from Pokemon, which has led to many fans of the game becoming frustrated with the number of comparisons.

The game has also recently come under fire for potential use of AI in designing the Pals after old tweets from PocketPair’s CEO resurfaced, however this is currently just a rumour.

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