Forget CoD, Overwatch 2 is getting a Diablo crossover

Forget CoD, Overwatch 2 is getting a Diablo crossover
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3rd Oct 2023 11:00

Though many players are growing a little exhausted by the limited content that is trickling out into Diablo 4, that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of good stuff to go around in other franchises.

As a pretty big surprise, the recent cosmetics drop in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone brought with them Inarius and Lillith from the game, which even when compared with the equally bizarre Spawn, DOOM and Hellsing collaborations, was pretty wild. Now, the fight for sanctuary is falling into the hands of a new team.

Diablo 4 is coming to Overwatch 2

A new video shared by the official Overwatch Twitter account has teased that the plight of the underworld could be making its way to Overwatch 2, all as a part of its ongoing push for "cosplay" cosmetics.

Along with various creepy-crawlies and Junkenstein's robots making their home in Blizzard World, there's also a tease at the end of the trailer. It's a new Moira skin that reflects Lillith's look in Diablo 4, with the title card for the Rise of Darkness season coming with a flurry of her blood petals.

It's a fascinating turn for the game, but then again, it's hard not to have expected it, thanks to the pair being Blizzard properties. Plus, Moira is the perfect fit for her own Lillith skin. Now give us a beefy Reinhardt Inarius, you cowards.

When is Overwatch's spooky season coming out?

Moira's new Lilith skin in the new Overwatch season.
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Thankfully, we don't have long to wait to take the skin for a spin, as the Rise of Darkness season will be dropping on October 10. It comes as everything from Call of Duty to Fortnite prepare their annual dump of Halloween events. 

Seeing Diablo and Overwatch meet is a pretty great crossover that suits the game nicely, even though players expected a lot more anime crossovers to come first. Either way, we'll definitely take the game getting into the spooky spirit beyond rehashing the Junkenstein modes.

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