Overwatch 2 Fans Believe Junker Queen Is Coming As Abilities Are Leaked

Overwatch 2 Fans Believe Junker Queen Is Coming As Abilities Are Leaked
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Jack Marsh


11th Apr 2022 09:17

The wait for Overwatch 2 is shortening by the day, and although we're all chomping at the bit to get our hands on the beta, the details about the expected heroes overhaul are still few and far between.

Currently, we know at least one hero is on the way as an exclusive warming party to Overwatch 2, with prominent lore figure Sojourn already having been revealed. However, with hopes that we'll see many more fresh faces alongside the familiar cast, a second new hero has yet to be named. 

Now, fans think they've spotted who's next, as abilities for another deep-rooted lore legend have been leaked.

Is Junker Queen Coming To Overwatch 2?

What we do know about the heroes in Overwatch 2 is that the majority of the current lineup will be getting a refresh to fit the new 5v5 meta, having seen Blizzard show off designs for the Overwatch 2 versions of Baptiste and Sombra, as well as removing the stun from the beloved Briggite.

But this isn't enough to satiate the high expectations of the fan base, and all eyes are scanning the movements of Blizzard Entertainment to see who else is coming. Recently, fans thought they uncovered a new hero in the way of Magnus, albeit the far-fetched reach is less damning than this fresh leak.

The cutthroat leader of the Junkers in Junkertown, Junker Queen, is expected to finally make an appearance in Overwatch 2, being moved from the junk tab to the main inbox. 

According to the content creator "fefeGG", Junker Queen is coming to Overwatch 2 and her abilities have already been revealed. 


Junker Queen Abilities Leaked

FefeGG revealed six abilities for Junker Queen, claiming that they have come from a "reliable source" working within Overwatch 2.

Expected to be an in-game Tank, Junker Queen's leaked Overwatch 2 abilities are:


The Scattergun is a Junker Queen exclusive weapon that will act as a shotgun - a weapon that she can equip to fire her way out of a sticky situation.

Serrated Blade

This melee weapon will have a bleeding effect on its enemies, dealing 'tick' damage (depleting health over time), and will work like a boomerang by having the ability to be recalled. The Junker Queen's own Thor's Hammer, in essence.

Rallying Cry

Junker Queen's Battle Cry will buff herself by 200 HP and nearby allies by 100 HP, and will also give those affected a speed boost of up to 30%.


Much like the Serrated Blade, this splash attack will deal tick damage to those affected.  

Adrenaline Shot

The Adrenaline shot will be adverse to Junker Queens' other abilities, counteracting enemy versions of herself. The shot will heal all bleeding damage, although it's unclear if this will be extended to fire and poison damage over time too.


Finally, the Junker Queen will also have an Ultimate that deals anti-healing damage and will also heal herself in the process.

Should the Junker Queen be added and FefeGG's leak comes to fruition, the Tank is set to be quite the formidable foe in Overwatch 2.


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