Ahead of the Elden Ring DLC you can pre-order Malenia's arm

Ahead of the Elden Ring DLC you can pre-order Malenia's arm
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25th Apr 2024 18:00

Gaming collectors are a strange bunch, and whether it's Resident Evil 4's chainsaw controller, putting all of the Fallout games in a miniature nuke or Death Stranding's BB Pod collector's edition, we'll sometimes spend hundreds, just to add a talking point to our collection.

When Elden Ring released in 2022, it was no exception. The Premium Collector's Edition came with Malania's replica helmet and charged us through the roof for the privilege. Still, it sold out in record time and proved that gamers would lap up anything that has 'collector's edition' stamped on it.

Elden Ring is selling life-size Malenia arm to celebrate Shadow of the Erdtree 

Elden Ring Arm of Malenia replica
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Image via PureArts

PureArts and Bandai Namco have teamed up to reveal the licensed Elden Ring: Arm of Malenia Life-Size. It will be available from (now) Thursday, April 25 at 1 PM EST/7 PM CET/6 PM from PureArts.com

If you're a fan of the award-winning RPG, you can add a piece of The Undefeated, Demigod Boss Malenia to your gaming cave. Coming in a gold hue with an articulated wrist, the Arm of Malenia Life-Size Replica can either be displayed on its metal base or mounted on the wall.

The Arm of Malenia is limited to just 3,500 units and comes in at a hefty $389 (around £313). As the Elden Rings Collector's Editions flew off shelves, we imagine there will be a similar buzz for the Arm of Malenia. You might have a bit of a wait, though, as Bandai Namco confirms the replica won't ship until December 2024.

Shadow of the Erdtree is just around the corner

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree fire enemy
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Image via FromSoftware

By the time the Arm of Malenia eventually releases, chances are we'll have polished off Shadow of the Erdtree. The long-waited Elden Ring DLC is set to slash its way into our lives on June 21, introducing us to a whole new realm in the form of The Land of Shadow.

The fiery Messmer is pitched as Shadow of the Erdtree's big bad, with a warning that The Land of Shadow has been "set ablaze by Messmer's flame." Similar to the Arm of Malenia, Elden Ring fans can celebrate the DLC's release with 18 inches of Messmer (insert size-related pun here). Either way, you'd better start saving for those Elden Ring collectables. 

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