Nintendo Switch slammed for running at just 24 FPS

Nintendo Switch slammed for running at just 24 FPS
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Joseph Kime


9th May 2023 08:55

Framerate discourse is back in full swing. Over the last few years, we've noticed that framerate has become an important part of the discussion around video games and their processing power.

Many feel that the mere fact that video games being able to "run faster" than movies and television typically means that it should be prioritised to make for a good gaming experience. It's why we see strange 60 FPS edits of existing animated movies on Twitter - it's still a fun novelty, even if it strips away the animator's intent.

Framerate is a big part of the ongoing gaming discussion, with Redfall being slated for failing to debut in 60 FPS even in its performance mode. And now, Nintendo is under fire for not keeping up with the times.

Nintendo roasted for falling behind with framerate

Nintendo Switch slammed for running at just 24 FPS
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We've known for some time that Nintendo has always prioritised making fun games over making games that push the boundaries of modern processing power. But, this has forced the Mario overlords into a corner when it comes to ports of popular games that have made a home on tougher consoles.

Frustration has stemmed from the launch of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan - a game that has had a comfortable fanbase on Xbox specifically - and while its arrival on Switch has been a treat for potential new fans, it has been noted on the eShop that the game runs at 24 FPS.

This is the typical framerate of movies these days, but video games have moved onwards and upwards, meaning that fans are confused by such a limit. We know hardware isn't Nintendo’s focus, but many feel that the port doesn’t make sense if it can't live up to its core experience.

Fans react to Man of Medan's poor framerate


Fans have taken to Twitter to complain about Man of Medan's framerate, poking fun at Nintendo fans for putting up with "inconsistent" framerates. One joked, "Gonna do a 'framerate run' where I let the inconsistent button response because of the frame rate decide my fate lmao."

Another added, "That sounds awful considering the screen is 60hz refresh. So much judder.....," while a third concluded, "Begging on my knees for a Switch Pro." Others pointed out that Steam Deck will play it at a beefy 60 FPS, putting the Switch to shame. 


The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan might not run at full power on Switch, but at least Nintendo fans can take Supermassive's narrative horror for a spin - and we've known forever that the Switch can't manage intense framerates. Just give us our Yoshis and leave us in peace.

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