Nintendo Switch Pro Rumours Resurface For 2024

Nintendo Switch Pro Rumours Resurface For 2024
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Joseph Kime


8th Jul 2022 13:51

The notion of an amped-up version of the Nintendo Switch is something that has a lot of players excited, and it's kept them busy with speculation for years now. Before the Switch OLED Edition saw its launch, fans banded together with theories that a Nintendo Switch capable of much greater graphical fidelity was on the way.

Wild rumours claim Nintendo could amp up the framerate, image quality, and overall power in order to deal with the presumably intensive Breath of the Wild sequel. All of this packed inside a Switch Pro was a reasonable request.  Fans considered the launch of the OLED Switch as a classic Nintendo deconfirmation - but maybe it wasn't.

Is The Switch Pro Still Coming?

Nintendo Switch Pro Rumours Resurface For 2024
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Rumours aren't over, as it seems like a new model of Nintendo Switch is still in the works. A new trademark was recently filed for "NSW" with the EU Intellectual Property Office, which has led fans to speculate that the next generation of Switch could be officially be called the Nintendo Switch W.

Elsewhere, Tom's Guide noticed that purchases of raw materials at Nintendo has drastically increased over the last few quarters, implying that the gaming giant could be actively developing brand new hardware.

Plus, as we have all of this hard evidence that Nintendo is working on new products, analysts of the industry seem pretty convinced too. While we'd once buried our hopes of the Switch Pro, they've come clawing out of the game once again.


Will A New Nintendo Console Land In 2024?

Some industry analysts aren't letting go of the prospect of a new Switch, either - research firm Ampere says that "Even with the release of the OLED model, sales were expected to decline from their peak as the Switch reaches year six of the cycle in 2022 and Nintendo's latest shipment forecast reflects this. [...] Ampere is currently forecasting a next-gen Nintendo device to release in 2024."

It's interesting to see analysts cling to this idea, just as many fans have. It looks like the Nintendo Switch Pro could still be on the cards if we're lucky - we just have to hold out hope. Either way, it doesn't sound like Breath of the Wild 2 is being saved for a new-gen Switch. Could Link's next trip to Hyrule really melt your trusty Switch?

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