Next Xbox coming next year, but don’t buy it

Next Xbox coming next year, but don’t buy it
FTC vs. Xbox | Bethesda

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Joseph Kime


19th Sep 2023 11:15

Just when you think things have calmed down, a deluge of gaming leaks throw a Molotov cocktail on the console wars. Huge leaks are flooding out thanks to Xbox's unclassified documents appearing in a legal battle with the FTC, and they're all packing their own gigantic implications.

There's a lot to work through, and a lot to pick apart about the strategy of Microsoft when it comes to the release of its games and hardware - but there's some pretty big news pertaining to the Xbox Series X as we know it. And it looks like it's undergoing a pretty hefty makeover.

Xbox Series X Refresh is coming in 2024

The first look at the codenamed Brooklin Xbox Series X refresh.
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FTC vs. Xbox

Well blimey, that came sooner than expected. New documents (via The Verge) have revealed a new design for the Xbox Series X, which is apparently planned for release in 2024. It's a pretty huge change from the refrigerator we know and love.

Thanks to the legal battle, we've got a new look at the new Series X - codenamed Brooklin - in all of its cylindrical glory. The console boasts 2TB of storage, new technological updates like better WiFi connectivity and a new low-power standby mode, all while staying at the same standard price of $499.

Our first look at the new Xbox Sebile controller.
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FTC vs. Xbox

It has come with the new codename Sebile controller, too, with precise haptic feedback, speakers, seamless pair-and-switch, and the option to repair, disassemble and replace any parts that have worn out.

Seeing a DualSense-esque controller is pretty fascinating to see, but there's a catch that means you might want to pump the brakes on picking up Microsoft's mid-gen console refresh. 

The new Xbox era is expected in 2028

Xbox Series X
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It'd seem pretty compelling to pick up the new cylindrical Xbox Series X, but it has also been leaked that Xbox is planning to introduce entirely new consoles to the market in 2028, as reported by Axios. Earlier this yer, there were similar whispers of a 2028 release, but now, things look more concrete.

During the latest leaks, Corporate Vice President of Immersive Experiences Anuj Gosalia reportedly said, "One of the things consoles have been really great at is giving a very clear platform target for developers, and [Game Development Kit] has been really good at this."

If a whole new generation of Xbox games is coming to the market as soon as five years away, and you've already got a current-gen console, it could be worth giving the latest refresh a miss. That doesn't mean this isn't an incredibly interesting reveal from Xbox - especially with that design. Any consistency would be nice, team.

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