New World Players Discovered Exploit That Made Them Invincible

New World Players Discovered Exploit That Made Them Invincible
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Tarran Stockton


21st Oct 2021 15:30

Despite a successful launch, New World has been running into some problems lately, such as the players who found an easily replicable exploit that granted invincibility during player-vs-player (PvP) modes. 

This isn’t the first big issue New World faced, as recently Amazon Games had to delay the server transfers, which they faced backlash for, along with an economy that is falling to pieces due to deflation. Though, they at least pre-empted one problem by banning names that reference Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos.

What Was The New World Invincibility Glitch?

Though it has now been fixed in the recent patch 1.0.3, it was plaguing New World’s PvP modes like wars and mission for a few days. A YouTuber named Kona managed to document the exploit, highlighting just how easy it was to initiate. 

In the video, Kona switches their game to windowed mode and then uses their mouse to drag the game’s window. That’s literally all it took. As long as you kept holding the mouse button down, the invincibility would continue, however if you let go any accumulated damage would be activated all at once in a nuclear burst. 

This might make it seem useless, but Kona did show some of its uses in the video. The Outpost Rush PvP mode was a particular example where the glitch became destructive.

Did Amazon Fix The Glitch?

To be fair to them, they responded rather quickly, with the community manager confirming that "the team is aware and investigating" over on the New World forums just two days after Kona’s video went live. 

They went on further to clarify their stance on players abusing the exploit, stating, "our top priority with any bugs or exploits that come up is to solve the problem as quickly as possible. If there are folks abusing a bug/exploit we will make sure they are handled by moderation".

By October 20, two days after confirming they were looking into it, the patch was rolled out onto servers and the bug was fixed, allowing players to go into PvP without the fear of an invincible player ruining their fun.

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