New World Tips: 20 Things To Know Before Playing Amazon’s New MMO

New World Tips: 20 Things To Know Before Playing Amazon’s New MMO
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Getting ahead of the curve with these New World tips will best position you to climb the levels early in Amazon's new MMO. Whether you want to be the first of your New World friends to hit max level, rule the in-game player-driven market, or rise to the top of your chosen faction, there's a lot to do and we've got all of the bases covered. Things like easier fast travel, selecting quests, picking a faction, and more are covered in these top New World tips.

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New World Tips: Gather Everything Early On To Maximise Bonuses

New World tips: Gathering
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During the first few quests, you will be asked to gather flint and green wood to craft a skinning knife. Make sure to pick up some extra resources so you can craft a full set of tools which includes: a scythe, pickaxe and wood-axe. Once you have all these, it’s worth spending some time gathering resources to increase your ability in the respective skills. Levelling up your trade skills will make gathering faster and give you bonuses.

New World Tips: Dying Is A Cheeky Fast Travel Exploit

New World has a huge continent to explore and with no mounts to ride, all travel must be done on foot - except for fast travel. You can fast travel to any inns at a town but beware there is a 60 minute cooldown for doing so, meaning you need to be sure you use it at the right time. A quick way of getting around this when questing, however, is to set up a camp and kill your character to quickly travel back to the nearest town and consequently, the quest giver.

New World Tips: Armour Class Bonuses Affect Your Movement

New World tips: Armour class
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Items that you equip no longer count toward your carry weight so it can be beneficial to equip the heaviest items to give you more carry space before travelling back to town. The other side of this however, is that the heavier your equipped armour, the higher your equip load becomes, which decides your armour class and has different effects. 

  • Light - rolling dodge, 20% damage bonus
  • Normal - sidestep dodge, 10% damage bonus, 10% crowd control
  • Heavy - slow sidestep dodge, +20% crowd control, 15% blocking

New World Tips: Faction Choice Affects PvP

Have a think before choosing which faction to side with. The choice unlocks at around level 8-9 shortly after entering your first town roughly 1-2 hours into the game. Make sure to look which faction suits the character you want to play; the three choices are the Marauders, Syndicate and Covenant. You can change after your initial choice but afterwards it's locked for 120 days.

New World Tips: Get Quests In The Same Area To Save On Travel Time

New World tips: Group quests together
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Early on when you are questing in a region, you'll have a plethora of quests available; the main quest, town board quests, faction quests and even NPC quests. Try to pick quests that are grouped together in the same areas so you can knock many of them out quickly and get more XP and gold.

New World Tips: Fall Damage Isn't Too Punishing

Fall damage is relatively lenient even at greater heights so don’t be afraid to jump down sharp drops or cliffs when travelling to speed up arriving to your destination. Don't forget about the ‘=’ key to auto run too, which also vaults any objects in the way.

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New World Tips: Standing Level XP Boosts Are Crucial To Farm XP

New World tips: Standing levels
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If you want to maximise your level farming potential early on, then you will want to utilise something called standing levels. Standing levels can be gained in each individual region and the levels you gain are exclusive to the region you inhabit. Each standing level gives you a choice of buffs for that particular region, so early on choose a region and only select the XP boost which begins at +5%.

New World Tips: Save For A House Early Because They Are *Expensive*

In New World you can buy your own house in a settlement once you reach level 15 and have a standing level of 10 or more in a territory. The first house you purchase is also 50% off, so it may be worth waiting a little longer to get a nicer house for a better total value.

New World Tips: Watch Out For High Tax Rates, Even If Amazon Doesn't

New World tips: Taxes
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Following on from the previous tip about the market, it’s important to note that every settlement has different tax rates for trading and properties. This means it may be worth seeking out which settlements have the lowest tax rate, so you can make the most money from your trading and property pursuits.

New World Tips: The Rarity Market Will Net Some Big Profits In The Early Game

The market in New World is driven by the players, meaning they set the prices through the forces of supply and demand. Whilst the game is still in its infancy, the rare items will be truly rare to all players before they slowly become more common amongst the player base. This means you can sell your uncommon and higher rarity items early on for high prices to best take advantage of the players rushing better items.

New World Tips: Repair Parts Are Key For Mending Durability

New World tips: Repair parts
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Items in New World have a durability bar, so after enough use they will need repairing. One of the best ways to do this is to salvage your more common items, which in the item portrait will have a grey background. Salvaging items gives you repair parts and a small amount of coin, then you can choose to repair items which costs a little bit too.

New World Tips: Loot Is Affected By Your Gear Score So Wear Your Best Stuff When Looting

The drops you receive in New World are based on a concept called gear score. This score is just a numerical representation of how strong your armour is, but the higher it is the better your drops will be. Also if you increase your armouring skill the gear you craft will have a higher overall gear score, so it’s worth focusing on this early.

New World Tips: You Can Use Storage Shed Resources While Crafting

New World tips: Storage shed
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Due to the large amount of gathering and refining you are likely to do in New World you should make use of the storage shed in each settlement. To make things easier, when you are crafting in a settlement, you don’t need the resources in your character's inventory if they are stored in that settlement's respective storage shed. It’s worth remembering that storage sheds are unique to each settlement but they can be transferred from one to another if your faction rules each respective region.

New Word Tips: Turn On Show Extra Ability Cooldowns So You Know Exactly When You Can Use Them Again 

Each weapon has the potential for three macro abilities to be selected at a given time, using the Q, R and F keys. If you decide to go for a macro heavy build it may be worth turning on the setting in the ‘gameplay’ tab of the settings menu. This will enable a little radial icon between the middle and bottom of the screen with a timer showing when the ability can be used again.

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New World Tips: Hyssop Is Crucial For All Potions

New World tips: Hyssop
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One of the key resources you will use for crafting is called Hyssop. This is a plant that resembles lavender and can be harvested using a sickle. It’s important for the crafting of magic potions, like mana and health pots, under the Arcana skill. It can be found plentifully in the starting area of First Light and is most commonly found in grassland and forest biomes. 

New World Tips: The Resource Locations Tab Directs You Towards The Item You Need

If you need to farm a particular resource for crafting or refining, there is a handy tab on the map that points you in the right direction. The ‘resource locations’ tab can be found to the left of the map menu and shows you a nice coloured key for the different biomes. It also points out which resources can be found in which area.

New World Tips: Faction Quests Reward The Best Gear

New World tips: Faction quests
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The majority of the best gear you’ll find is either from your faction representative - who are located in settlements - or from crafting them yourself. At each faction representative you can choose quests; there are six available, split between PvE and PvP, but only three can be completed a day. It’s imperative to complete these quests as they give you faction tokens which can be used to purchase new armour, weapons, runes, and seals.

New World Tips: Dodging Takes 50 Stamina, But You Only Need 1 Left To Do It

Dodging is extremely useful in New World, as enemies hit hard and not all abilities can be blocked or parried - such as wind up attacks where enemies glow white. At the start of the game you have a stamina bar of 100 and dodging takes 50 each time, however you only need one stamina point for a successful dodge. So whenever you use your first dodge, try to wait a second for the stamina bar to tick up by at least one so you can get another dodge for free before depleting your bar.

New World Tips: Focus On Levelling Up Constitution To Stay Alive

New World tips: Constitution
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Constitution might be the most important attribute to level up during your New World playtime. Enemies hit hard and it’s surprisingly easy to get a train of several following and attacking you if you’re not careful - especially if you are questing alone.

New World Tips: Collectibles Reward XP And Lore

Like any good MMO, New World is loaded with tidbits of lore to help you learn more about Aeternum. They can be found across the map and are usually pieces of paper like letters or diaries that glow a bright blue. Even if you don’t want to read each lore piece, when you see one make sure to pick it up as it gives you a little bit of XP.

Now you know all of our top New World tips, make sure you explore the rest of our guides linked throughout for more details on the game, and keep GGRecon bookmarked for more New World news and our upcoming review.


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