New PS5 Update Is Freezing Consoles

New PS5 Update Is Freezing Consoles
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Joseph Kime


16th Jan 2023 09:27

Even though it has spent the last couple of years being pretty hard to get a hold of, the PlayStation 5 has proven itself to be an exemplary console.

It only took us the first few moments of Astro's Playroom to embrace the PS5 for all of its incredible prowess, from its haptics to its processing power.

Now, as many Xbox Series X owners regard it as their "secondary console," it's clear that consumers love the PS5 enough to make it their entertainment setup's crown jewel.

But, in a new surprise, the console's design is letting itself down and is booting players out of their all-important online games.

What's Wrong With The PS5 Update?

New PS5 Update Is Freezing Consoles
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New reports indicate that the latest console update, Update 22.02-06.50.00, is implementing a new bug in consoles that's randomly signing players out of online games.

PlayStation Lifestyle has indicated that the new software update is forcing players to accept new terms and conditions, but it's forcing players out of online games to do so.

This is an incredibly frustrating caveat of the new update, especially as players in competitive games could be seriously suffering losses as a result - but thankfully, there's a workaround.

How To Avoid Being Forced Out Of Games In New PS5 Update

If you want to avoid this from happening to you, there's thankfully a pretty easy fix that will allow you to manually sign the new terms and conditions without having to wait for it to strike.

All you have to do is manually sign out of your PSN account and sign back in. I'll prompt you to accept them from there, and voila, you should no longer be frozen out of your next Fortnite match.

Console-breaking updates come just after worries that standing your PS5 vertically can cause it to break - which has since been largely debunked.

It's frustrating that a menial update has ruined many players' games, but at least we have something of a fix. We're still moody about it, though, so PlayStation, don't think you're off the hook.

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