Nadeshot roasted over ‘generic’ 100 Thieves x Pokemon merch

Nadeshot roasted over ‘generic’ 100 Thieves x Pokemon merch
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6th Feb 2024 14:31

When it comes to gaming collaborations, they don't come much bigger than Pokemon. Although the gaming series is only the third-biggest of all time with 480 million sales, it's easy to forget it's the biggest media franchise in the world - boasting a mind-boggling $92 billion net worth.

With over $80 billion of Pokemon's Pokecoins coming from licensed merchandise, everyone wants a piece of the pie. From high-end Tiffany and bank-busting Fendi lines to the unstoppable scalping of McDonald's Happy Meals and Van Gogh Pikachu cards, The Pokemon Company has its pick of the bunch for collaborations.

100 Thieves reveals Pokemon collab

Being its own esports version of The Pokemon Company, 100 Thieves refers to itself as the "premier lifestyle brand and gaming organization" and is a perfect fit for Pokemon. While 100 Thieves is known for its prominence in the Call of Duty world, it's now ready to showcase its Pokemon prowess. 

Launching on February 10, the 100 Thieves x Pokemon line includes the likes of a Charmander cardigan and Pikachu varsity jacket, Bulbasaur technical vest, and (weirdly) Charizard corduroy pants. This is as well as all the typical branded tees and hoodies you'd expect. 

100 Thieves is known for its franchise collabs, having previously unveiled merch drops with the likes of Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball Z. While it should be a big deal, the collab split gamers between saying RIP to their wallet and roasting it as just another "generic" Pokemon cash-in.  

Nadeshot defends 100 Thieves x Pokemon collab

The negative rumblings haven't gone unnoticed by 100 Thieves CEO Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, who soon clapped back at the haters. Describing it as a "great day" for the org, Nadeshot was excited to share the collab. He also asked us not to judge based on a series of promo images.

As well as describing all the work that goes into making an apparel line and calling it a "dream come true" for him, Nadeshot then addressed the complaints. He promises that 100 Thieves has pushed itself, describing it as the best line they've released yet. 

Complaining that outlets are using the printable images, Nadeshot grumbled, "You see just a Pokemon in front of our logo, and a lot of people don't think that it is as creative as it could've been. But here's the rub, a lot of people that see those images, they don’t see the actual lookbook of the full breadth of product that's going to be available."

He went on to hype the Pikachu footprint quarter-zip, which we'll admit is one of the more imaginative pieces in the collection. Still, unless you're a 100T superfan, there are plenty of places you can get other tees with one of the Gen I starters plastered on it.

Nadeshot doesn't need to worry because, looking at the general conversation around the 100 Thieves x Pokemon collection, it's clear this merch is going to fly off shelves and straight into your wardrobes. You'd Better start saving.  

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