MW3 fans quake after overpowered shotgun is announced

MW3 fans quake after overpowered shotgun is announced
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Jack Marsh


14th Sep 2023 17:15

There are fewer sounds more devastating than the duf, duf, duf of an Origin 12 hounding your ankles as you try and squirm around the corner into cover.

It's like a barking, snivelling, dog, salivating from the gob as it gnashes at your laces. All the while, you are the gravy-slathered steak it starves for.

The Origin 12 is up there with one of the most painful guns to come up against, literally and metaphorically, and it now looks like the shotgun is back for Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3 fans spot the Origin 12 Shotgun

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With the reveal of Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer maps (16 remastered versions of 2009's Modern Warfare 2 landscapes), fans have been quick to notice quite a few features are either being tinkered with or are being completely pasted over from the old-school classic.

While many were quick to see that Rust's new design has removed one key feature, and others basked over how fluid the movement was on Highrise's crane, more eagle-eyed fans have spotted some rather devastating news.

The Origin 12 appears to be being used in promotional images for Modern Warfare 3, as found on the official blog, confirming its arrival in the game.

Modern Warfare 3 fans petrified of the Origin 12

With the images of the weapon circulating, many fans were quick to join in the chorus of "NOO" ringing around the community. "That better NOT be an Origin 12 shotty," one shaking fan said.

Others marvelled in the madness, showing who's going to be the most menacing players. "Yeeeees baby, better than KV Broadside," added another.

The shotgun will be joined by weapons such as the ACR, which will likely please fans, but there will be no escaping the monster that MW 2019 created.

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