MW3 devs promise new and original 6v6 maps before Christmas

MW3 devs promise new and original 6v6 maps before Christmas

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Jack Marsh


15th Sep 2023 15:40

While there are 16 remastered multiplayer maps coming to Modern Warfare 3 at launch - all deriving from the 2009 MW2 title - many players have been wondering whether not having a single original map might hinder the game, especially those who enjoy Ranked and competitive play.

There's no doubt that reliving the golden days of Highrise, Quarry, and Favela will be nothing short of thrilling, a lack of original maps could hinder longevity for Modern Warfare 3, with a fear that the new style of playing might lead to the 2009-designed maps being much different than what we're used to.

However, Sledgehammer Games is making a habit of squashing our worries, and now it's promised an abundance of original designs coming before Christmas.

Sledgehammer Games pledge three new multiplayer maps before Christmas

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In a new blog post, Call of Duty has given us a deep-dive into the remastered maps, claiming that they were all re-built from the ground upwards, rather than be snipped from Warzone, reiterating that the maps we will see will not be the altered versions from Al Mazrah POIs (such as Terminal and Quarry) and will rather be like the original design.

But hidden within the blog, Sledgehammer confirms that "we’ll have over 12 all-new Core 6v6 Maps in our seasons, with three all-new 6v6 maps hitting in Season 01".

Season 1 of Modern Warfare 2 started on November 16, and its speculated that Modern Warafre 3 will follow suit, meaning, the first batch of maps should be all in for Christmas, given that the mid-season update will then likely come into play just before the festive celebration.

More MW3 6v6 multiplayer maps will arrive in the new year

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The new maps will all be "Original," "New," and "Built from the ground up," which will likely appeal to Ranked players who feared that the old MW2 designs wouldn't be viable for game modes such as Control or Hardpoint, given neither of these were in the 2009 title.

But if there were any fears that there won't be enough originality in the game early on, Sledgehammer has also confirmed another three maps will be ready by Season 2, meaning we'll have six core maps by the beginning of February, taking the total designs to choose from up to 22, where there will surely be enough for all game modes to thrive on.

In total there will be 12 original 6v6 maps to choose from before Modern Warfare 3 passes the torch to Treyarch, leaving fans full of nostalgia from the golden oldies and ambition from newer fresh-faced ideas.

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