MW2 and Warzone Season 4 will end early

MW2 and Warzone Season 4 will end early
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Jack Marsh


14th Jun 2023 18:23

With Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Season 4 coming in hot with Vondel and a string of heavily-requested features, the game as we know it looks set to be building for the future and recapturing what it has lost from a rather catastrophic re-launch.

Season 4 looks to be one of the biggest updates in a long time, with the new Warzone map coming in to temporarily take over Ashika Island, but it might not be that long before we see the next one.

It seems that Season 4 is being rushed through its paces and plans to break tradition with its length, stepping away from the usual ten-week rotation.

Warzone Season 4 will last just seven weeks

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Each Warzone season usually lasts ten weeks, with a mid-season update coming after five weeks, introducing the left-over content and adding a few balancing changes to the weaponry.

But MW2 and Warzone Season 4 appears to be stepping away from this system as the penultimate season, as the in-game Battle Pass counter has begun counting down from 48 days.

This means that Season 4 is expected to end on August 2, which will likely be the last major update to the game before Modern Warfare 3 rolls out with beta tests and its launch in November.

What does a shorter Warzone Season 4 mean for Call of Duty fans?



A shorter season might actually be a good thing. Season 4 has arrived with a massive amount of content, whether it be in Warzone or Modern Warfare 2, with a total of six multiplayer maps being added (across Core, Gunfight, and Ground War), with a final one (Core) expected at some time in the midseason.

The confirmation of a mid-season update does mean that we will get some more content in just three or four weeks, which will undoubtedly spice life up on Vondel and in multiplayer.

One of the only hitches is that players might now struggle to get through the Battle Pass tiers, although it seems like Activision is already one step ahead here as it launched a new XP-gathering technique by using "recommended loadouts".

So, it seems like seven weeks will be the maximum for Season 4, and Season 5 will kick off in August to carry us through to the next annual instalment.

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