MultiVersus unlock grind revealed as players expected to spend 77 hours to unlock The Joker

MultiVersus unlock grind revealed as players expected to spend 77 hours to unlock The Joker
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Tarran Stockton


3rd Jun 2024 14:07

Players have begun to question the progression of MultiVersus, after it was revealed that it would take 38 hours to unlock a single standard character, and 77 hours just to unlock The Joker.

MultiVersus progression akin to a full-time job

With modern multiplayer games, progression is often a big talking point. Players are justified to wonder about how much time they need to invest to experience the game and just unlock new stuff - and with MultiVersus, it looks to be a long time.

Twitter user WhyDo did the maths and made a thread explaining the progression and character unlock time for MultiVersus based on how much currency you can expect to earn from standard PvP games online.

Essentially, most characters cost 3000 currency, which, at an average of 130 currency every 100 minutes, would take you 38 hours of playtime. For the latest character, The Joker, this is even worse - taking players 77 hours of playtime due to his high 6000 currency cost.

This means if you want to get all of the characters in the game for free by just playing, you'll need to invest 1000 hours or more. Not very useful if you're looking to just kick your feet up and play casually after work, is it?

Users call MultiVersus progression "greedy"

The same user and many others went on to call the game's early hours misleading, as you receive a big boost in currency upon account creation, tricking you into thinking the rate of money you earn is higher throughout.

This quickly dries up as you begin to level, and the actual rate of progression reveals itself.

WhyDo expresses this from a place of concern as a fan of the game, ending the thread with a call to action of sorts: "If you care about MultiVersus, and want it to reach as many people as possible, you have to understand that all this awful, greedy monetisation is actively killing its potential."

This isn't the first controversy surrounding game progression, and likely won't be the last, so it remains to be seen if the developers adjust the rate at which you earn currency and can unlock new characters.

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