Modern Warfare 2 Will Reportedly Be Free To Play In December

Modern Warfare 2 Will Reportedly Be Free To Play In December
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Jack Marsh


24th Nov 2022 13:18

Deck the halls with semtex and C4, tra la la la, la la la la. With Christmas beckoning, Activision is preparing for a hefty Modern Warfare 2 haul from Santa and is now ramping up the hype for the game in order to squeeze every last copy they can out of this festive period.

Following on from the somewhat successful launch of both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, Activision is set to continue their routine of offering out the multiplayer game on a free trial, allowing for free-to-play gamers to see what MW2 has to offer.

With an admission that MW2 is becoming more of an arcade to level up Warzone 2 guns, the developers are set to roll out their first weekend of free access in the coming weeks, offering up the Modern Warfare 2 experience for everyone free of charge.

Modern Warfare 2 to be free To Play In December

According to renowned leaker Tom Henderson, the first of Modern Warfare 2's free-access weekends will come in the leadup to Christmas, in a final bid to convince players to add the game to their Christmas lists.

Henderson has claimed that the free weekend will be coming from December 15-19, giving Warzone players ample opportunity to level up guns before the new array of console players come down the chimney.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1's mid-season event is currently scheduled for December 14, which means the free players will also benefit from the new update.

Modern Warfare 2 Free Access Planned For Mid-Season Update

With the free access weekend planned for the mid-season update, it's likely that the developers will also spin out the first of many 'shoot-the-ship' playlists, featuring Shoot House and Shipment. The latter map will be arriving with the update too.

Players might also be able to benefit from the upcoming Warzone FC event that is expected to bring 'CoD Ball', Call of Duty's spin on Rocket League that will see players operate ATVs to hit a ball into the net and celebrate the conclusion of the World Cup.

These weekends are usually double XP events too, so existing players can also reap the rewards of farming some Christmas noobs.

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