Modern Warfare 2 Fans Already Want 'Snaking' Nerfed

Modern Warfare 2 Fans Already Want 'Snaking' Nerfed

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Jack Marsh


16th Sep 2022 10:09

It's not even out yet, but players have already broken Modern Warfare 2. After just an hour on the Modern Warfare 2 beta, professional players and content creators have already found the next movement mechanic that will run riot.

After three years of playing through the Scump-proclaimed slide cancelling era, the camera-breaking knee jerk is out and has been nerfed into a 'Ghosts-like' mechanic.

However, with the addition of a dolphin dive - albeit much sleeker than that we used to perform to throw ourselves down the Kino Der Toten stairs - players have found that another mechanic has been indirectly buffed. This means snaking is becoming a real problem.

What Is Snaking In Modern Warfare 2?

The developers faced quite a juxtaposed problem when creating the new movement dynamics in Modern Warfare 2. Where slide cancelling has been axed, dolphin diving takes over. But in order to make this possible, they've also had to increase the speed that players can get up off the floor.

Unfortunately, this has created a supercharged style of snaking (a form of up-and-down movement by spamming crouch that breaks cameras and results in almost-invisible enemies).


A range of CDL pros including Ian "Crimsix" Porter, Anthony "Methodz" Zinni, and Dillon "Attach" Price all showcased the speed of snaking in the Modern Warfare 2 beta - calling for it to be patched before the game comes out in full. 


New Ledge-Hanging Mechanic Leads To Crazy Modern Warfare 2 Snaking

Usually, this menacing mechanic is used on head-glitches like bombs, cars, rocks, and windows. However, a new movement system called ledge-hanging allows players to mantle on the edge of buildings, which has only worsened the snaking dilemma.

OpTic Gaming and TeamSummerTime content creator Blake "Blake" Cissel showcased just how quickly one player can bob up and down with a pistol in hand on the ledge, starting talks of the system already being banned from professional playlists.

Snaking has been effectively "banned" in the CDL for years, although the method is immeasurable and unenforceable, meaning that players had to agree to not use it via the Gentleman's Agreement (GA list). Despite this, sometimes snaking is unavoidable, and while it creates a problem, it goes unpunished.

For the casual game though, snaking will definitely be taken advantage of, given that the cameras cannot keep up with how quickly you will be bobbing and weaving.

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