Marvel's Avengers Seemingly Cancels She-Hulk Expansion

Marvel's Avengers Seemingly Cancels She-Hulk Expansion
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Tom Chapman


13th Dec 2022 11:34

You won't like her when she's angry. While we've already heard that Marvel's Avengers is circling the drain, it sounds like its planned She-Hulk expansion has been given a lethal dose of radiation.

Released in 2020 as an action-arcade brawler, Crystal Dynamics was supposed to rival the success of Insomniac with Marvel's Spider-Man by delivering the confusingly titled Marvel's Avengers (the games were completely unconnected). 

Instead, lacklustre multiplayer, accusations of being a cash-grab live service game, and dwindling player numbers mean Marvel's Avengers is ready for Thanos to snap his fingers.

Is Marvel's Avengers Axing She-Hulk?

For a while now, it feels like Marvel's Avengers has simply been going through the motions. Even though it's true that we were excited for the likes of the "War for Wakanda" DLC, more recent releases like Jane Foster's Mighty Thor and Bucky Barnes' Winter Soldier have felt like too little, too late.

Speaking on The Lunch Table podcast, insider Miller said that She-Hulk was currently being "held." Voice actor Krizia Bajos had reportedly recorded multiple lines, but due to Embracer Group acquiring Crystal Dynamics, she was put on the back burner.

A change of staff saw a push to improve multiplayer, while Jane Foster's release was supposedly fast-tracked to cash in on the character's hype in Thor: Love and Thunder. That didn't exactly work out, as Foster fell "below expectations."

There's some hope thanks to Foster's audio alluding to four more heroes, however, it remains to be seen whether Captain Marvel, Shuri, Ironheart, and She-Hulk will ever see the light of day.

What Happened To Marvel's Avengers?

A report from Exputer exposes just how bad things might be, with claims that requests for more staff were denied and work was handed off to the (now-defunct) Square Enix Montreal "for free."

Low internal employee review scores and lost bonuses have apparently led to a slew of departures, while former Marvel Heroes Omega developer Brian Waggoner has taken over a sinking ship after Lead Designer Philippe Therrien moved over to the upcoming Perfect Dark

Waggoner was caught in his own dramas surrounding old tweets about people of colour and gay marriage. Exputer says the shuttering of Marvel's Avengers will end his time with crystal Dynamics.

As for She-Hulk, she could've been in active development in late 2021 but was reportedly being handled by external partners until development went entirely in-house.

There was an intention to return to working on She-Hulk when the team was big enough to create "wholly original gameplay," unlike Foster being a largely reskinned Thor clone. Sadly, it doesn't sound like that will ever come to pass. Oh well, it's back to the courtroom with Jennifer Walters. 

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