Lawler's Brawl 10K Review: Turbopolsa Get's His Revenge

Lawler's Brawl 10K Review: Turbopolsa Get's His Revenge

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Jack Marsh


22nd Jun 2020 09:05

Another intense weekend of Rocket League Esports has come and gone, and the NA region is beginning to heat up. Lawler's Brawl 10K saw sixteen sides go head to head, as teams look to settle their rosters experiment with a new third. With some thrilling games and ridiculous double taps, we look at the best storylines, and there’s only one place to start...

Turbopolso Just Doesn’t Lose

It doesn’t matter who Turbo plays for, he simply doesn’t lose. Recently dropped from the NRG side to be replaced by SquishyMuffinz, Turbo joined forces with Mist and Atomic of Team Envy, as they tossed and turned over their third. Envy had previously struggled with Allushin, but excelled with Retals, and when the opportunity arose to play with the GOAT, there was only ever going to be one winner. It was destined to be an NRG v nV final, and it didn’t disappoint.

The two traded blows, never being more than 2 goals apart, both taking three games in the best of seven, leaving it down to game seven. The two couldn't’ be separated, until there were four seconds on the clock and a blue dominus came flying from the back with the ball coming off the backboard to dunk home the winner. Who else but the mighty Turbopolso. Sinking his former side, Turbo and Team Envy held on for the win and took the $5.5K first prize. 

Spoiler - Mist said ‘Bangers’...

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Do PK Need to Keep Retals?

Pittsburgh Knights have been trying out a few rosters over the community tournaments, after their Season 9 sensation, Retals, has been trying his luck at Team Envy and Rat Enterprises. With nV seemingly tying down Turbo rather than Retals, and Rat Enterprises playing with Allushin, Retals has been left without a team, despite being one of the better players in last season's RLCS. PK made the playoffs in the Brawl 10K through the losers round, before being comfortably beaten in the quarterfinals to Spacestation Gaming 9-3 overall. Whilst trying out WondaMike alongside AyyJayy and Gyro, they struggled to show the flair needed to create chances throughout the tournament. Bringing back Retals, possibly at the expense of Gyro, could result in a very frightening roster.

Rat Need The Clutch Factor Back

Another side going through changes of their own, the ex-Cloud9 duo of Gimmick and Torment have now tried out both Retals and Allushin since Squishy’s departure. After struggling in both Codename: Covert and the Brawl 10K, Rat are feeling the effects of Squishy’s departure, evidently missing the ‘clutch factor’ to win games that are evenly balanced. Rat fell in the group stages of the tournament, losing out to 72PC in match seven overtime, and clearly lacked somebody to take the game by the scruff of the neck, something which Squishy had done so many times in the past for Cloud9. With time running out to nail down their third, few players are available, meaning the ex-C9 pair need to act quickly if they want to be a competitive force next season.

Can Sypical break the wheel?

Should Turbo join nV permanently, the top two NA sides look set: NRG and Team Envy. However, Sypical is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous players in the game right now, and behind the wheel at Spacestation gaming, he, Arsenal and AxB look to be the team closest to breaking into the top two. The American’s incredible reflex’s and mechanics have seen him score some insane clutch goals, and during this pre-season flurry of tournaments, SSG has managed to shine. Falling short in the Brawl 10K, Sypical and co. still look like the favourite team to rival NRG and nV, even over the likes of G2 and Rat Enterprises.

This comes as the last community tournament organised for NA teams to compete in, but eyes will be on nV, PK, and Rat Enterprises to see how their rosters take shape before RLCS Season 10.

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Image via Beyond The Summit | Todd Gutierrez

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