After an enthralling weekend of Rocket League, here's what we can take from the Eurocup 10k and Codename: Covert.

20:00, 15 Jun 2020

What an exhilarating weekend of Rocket League Esports. Lethamyr’s Eurocup 10K and Dazerin’s Codename: Covert were both enthralling to watch, and we’re just about catching our breath. In the absence of an RLCS, the community events are proving their worth with many twists and tails to keep the fan base entertained, and this weekend was no different. If you’re struggling to digest the manic weekend, we have you covered. Here’s everything we learnt from both Codename Covert and the Eurocup 10k.

Sypical is currently the best player in the world, no debate

Sypical blessed us all this weekend, with some of the craziest solo efforts that we’ve ever seen. With no disrespect to AxB and Arsenal who played both valiantly all weekend, Sypical turned up on another level, again. Quite rightly taking home the MVP accolade, the Spacestation Gaming star dominated game in game out, singlehandedly winning matches at times. Only to be beaten by the new NRG outfit, SSG and Sypical put on stellar performances, including an incredible comeback versus eUnited.

SSG comeback from 4-1 down vs eUnited - Full Video from r/RocketLeagueEsports

Unfortunately for Sypical, SSG was on the receiving end of a rampant NRG display where they lost 4-3 in the final. However, the 16-year-old American is quickly cementing himself as the best in the game.

NRG Silencing the doubters

With the recent acquisition of SquishyMuffinz, there was both huge hype and scepticism around how they would perform. Many argued that Squishy, Jstn and Garrett would hit the ground running, with some debating that this would make them lose their balance and could knock them off their perch. However, they’ve quickly silenced doubters after taking home the Codename: Covert title.

The flamboyant trio swept through the group stages, beating Squishy’s former teammates and Retals at Rat Enterprises on the way. They then advanced to wipe out Team Envy, Mirage and a double over Spacestation Gaming, showing that they are a force to be reckoned with ahead of further community events and RLCS Season 10.

Extra holds the key for Team BDS.

Over in the Eurocup 10k, newly promoted Team BDS were on fire, with Monkey Moon, Extra and MaRc_by_8 taking home the winnings. The recent addition of Extra from AS Monaco has added the firepower that BDS needed to bolster their roster. In multiple impressive performances across the weekend, BDS were worthy winners and deserve many plaudits.

Extra is on fire a team bds | Image via ZeeboDesigns

The jury is still out on them, however. Despite their remarkable performance, they need to tie down Extra if they want to continue to excel. Rising from the RLRS to RLCS can be a difficult step up, and Extra already has the RLCS experience, albeit from a struggling AS Monaco. Experience at that level, especially in a team that has a lot to learn, will be invaluable. If Extra joins Team BDS, alongside Monkey Moon’s eccentric manoeuvres and MaRc_by_8’s rigid control, they could prove to be one of the best promoted sides we’ve seen in a long time.

Fruity excelling at Mousesports

BDS was the only thorn in the side of Mousesports, who themselves have much uncertainty regarding their future. Speed and Kuxir have been searching for their third since Scrub Killa’s controversial departure before the Season 9 playoffs. After trying out Arju in the playoffs Spring Series and Fusion, Mouz decided to offer Fruity the chance to impress, after falling out of favour at Oxygen Esports.

Fruity and co. were runners up in Eurocup after beating the likes of Renault Vitality (twice) and Giants Gaming. The Season 8 European champion settled into the side with ease, complimenting Speed and Kuxir well and getting on the scoresheet regularly. Fruity might be the missing link that Mouz was looking for and could be a contributing factor as to the future of the org in Rocket League.

Fruity joining Mousesports
Fruity fits like a glove at Mouz | Image via DreamHack

Should Envy have stuck with Retals?

Team Envy suffered a relatively poor Codename: Covert tournament, crashing out to eUnited in the Losers Round 2. This seems a reasonable place to finish, but in comparison to their recent form when Retals was competing on their behalf, this came as quite a surprise. After being defeated in the final of the 3v3 portion of Fusion, to the hands of Sypical and Spacestation Gaming, Envy reverted to the roster that saw them finish 7-8th in Season 9. Allushin came back in place of Retals, and cracks started to show.

Retals teamed up with ex-Cloud9 pair Gimmick and Torment for Covert, who failed to make it out of the group stages. Both parties (Envy and Retals) struggled without each other after looking so promising beforehand. The future remains interesting for both parties, as if their Fusion form can be recaptured, they are another team to keep an eye out for in a hugely competitive NA region.

Up next for NA is The Brawl 10k where you can find out where you can continue to watch how these storylines unfold. EU sides are out of action until Rocket Baguette’s Summer Grand Prix in mid-July.

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Image via ZeeboDesigns

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